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ہووو 4 concret مکسر ٹرک ایکسل
  • CLWHI howo concret mixer truck
  • howo concret mixer truck
  • ہووو 14 tons concret mixer truck
  • ہووو 16 tons concret mixer truck
  • ہووو 14 cbm concret mixer truck
  • Chengli CLWHI howo 4 concret مکسر ٹرک ایکسل
  • Chengli howo concret mixer truck
  • Chengli howo 4 concret مکسر ٹرک ایکسل
  • ہووو 14 ٹن 4 concret مکسر ٹرک ایکسل

    1. برانڈ:سییلڈبلیو

    2. GVW: 32000کلو

    3. Mixer Capacity: 15000L

    4. سائز: 10350×2490×3998

    5. ایکسل: 4

    6. وہیلباسی: 1800+3050+1350(ملی میٹر)

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    ہووو 4 concret مکسر ٹرک ایکسل

    ہووو 14 cbm concret mixer truck, made by chengli factory under ہووو T5G chassis.

    CLWHI howo concret mixer truck

    Engine Advantages:

    Heavy Duty Truck 340/380 national five-electric injection engine authentic European V emission standards, strong engine power, faster promotion, more economical fuel saving, environmental protection pollution-free!

    Gearbox Advantages:

    Heavy Duty Truck 10-gear gearbox, large torsion, fast climbing, international quality, high quality, lightweight operation

    Axle Advantages:

    The vehicle is equipped with high strength double rear axle, strong bearing capacity, no disassembly and maintenance, saving money is more economical!

    Cab Advantages:

    Heavy truck Hao Waugh cab, sound insulation effect is good, the overall sturdy, safe!

    Deluxe center console, اصل ائر کنڈیشنگ, luxury mobile mansion! Vehicle Advantages: The best profit model for high speed, efficiency, high reliability and fuel saving

    howo concret mixer truck

    1. ٹانک مواد: Alloy steel (Q345B Wisco)
    2. Cylinder material: 16 manganese steel 6mm alloy steel (GB plate)
    3. Blade Material: 5ملی میٹر (single stamping forming blade with wear-resistant strip discharge speed)
    4. Head material: 8mm alloy steel (full plate disposable stamping)
    5. REDUCER: Italian TOP reducer/Italian Bonfiglioli PMP (pure Import)
    6. ہائیڈرالک نظام: Eaton/United States SAO/Italian PMP (pure Import)
    7. Water supply system: 400L water tank pneumatic water supply
    8. Cooling system: Kaitong Radiator/Xinxiang Radiator
    9. Mixing Tank Raceway: Q345B (5 times times increased strength of the overall forging process)
    10. Discharge Groove: A single stamping forming (discharge speed is quickly added to the leak-proof device)
    11. Sub-frame: seamless rectangular tube (improve torque resistance without deformation does not break)
    12. Stirring tug: Imported bearing Base casting
    13. بچانے والا: One stamping molded round arc fender 14. Paint process: All paint process standards (post-assembly process)

    ہووو 16 tons concret mixer truck



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