فوٹو foreland 2000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک
  • فوٹو 2000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک
  • Foton sewage suction truck
  • 2000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک
  • sewage suction truck supplier
  • China sewage suction truck
  • 2 tons sewage suction truck
  • mini sewage suction truck
  • Forland sewage suction truck
  • Forland sewage suction truck
  • Forland 2000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک
  • instruction of sewage suction truck
  • فوٹو foreland 3000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک

    1. ماڈل: CLW5061GXWB3

    2. GVW: 6000کلو

    3. Tank: 2000-3000 لیٹر

    4. انجن: 108HP

    5. سائز: 5800x2050x2500mm

    6. فوٹو foreland 3000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک

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    • Chassis Parameters

    فوٹو foreland 2000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک

    فوٹو foreland 3000 liters sewage suction truck is the mini sewage suction vehicle made by Chnegli trucks, and the minum tank capacity we did is 2000 لیٹر, it’s light duty and very suitable for the narrow street or home yard. It equipped with a vacuum pump to suck the sewage, liquid mud, Urine, sewer, domestic sewage, Industrial wastewater

    فوٹو 2000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک

    Main parts consist :

    PTO, transmission shaft, ویکیوم پمپ, پانی اور گیس سے جدا کرنے والا, تیل اور گیس کا الگ کرنے والا, multiple directional control valve, hanger rod, sewage tanker, flow valve, sucking gun, water tanker, vacuum pressure gauge and pipeline system.Foton sewage suction truck

    Standard Equipment:

    1. ٹینک حجم: 2~3m³, round tank is made by 5-6mm special steel plate.
    2. Equipped with vacuum pump(rating rotate speed=1400r/m,min rotate speed>800r/m, max suction lift>6میٹر, vacuum>500mmHg, clockwise,Time for full suction<5min.),گند نکاسی کے پائپ,self-draining valve,liquid level tube for view window, vacuum pressure gage,overflow valve, PTO,transmission shaft, moisture separator,oil-gas separator,multiple directional control valve,cleaning equipment, pipe network system, high quality hydraulic system and so on.
    3. The tank can be lifted up 45° by double hydraulic cylinder, and the rear lid also can be opened, so the truck can dump the sewage directly through the rear lid out of the tank.

    2 tons sewage suction truck

    Optional Equipment

    We can make the sewage suction truck according to customer’s requirements with the optional equipments below:
    1. The tank can be made by corrosion resistant plate or done professional anti-corrosion.
    2. We can use the brand of vacuum pump you specified.
    3. Please advise us in advance if you have any special requests for the sewage suction truck, we can equip various kinds optional equipment for you.

    2000 لیٹر نکاسی سکشن ٹرک


    The truck is used for sucking fecal,sewage,کیچڑ,liquid mixed with tiny granules,sewer sediments(جیسا کہ: گدھ, stones, bricks and other big objects) and urban water wells. It is widely used in large, medium and small towns sanitation, municipal, agricultural and chemical industry, factories and mines enterprises, property management community,especially apply to transport household waste in residential area.

    دوسروں کے لئے زیادہ, pls contact us freely via email or phone. sales@cl-spv.com +0086 18872992009

    parameters of forland sewage suction truck

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