Dongfeng military bus EQ6672CTN
  • Dongfeng all wheel drive bus EQ6672CTN
  • Dongfeng off road bus EQ6672CTN
  • Dongfeng off road bus DFEQ6672CTN

    1. ماڈل: DFEQ6672CTN

    2. GVW: 8200کلو

    3. انجن: 180 HP

    4. Fuel: LNG

    5. وہیلباسی: 3650ملی میٹر

    6. Dongfeng off road bus

    • نردجیکرن

    Dongfeng off road bus EQ6672CTN

    Dongfeng off road bus, also called dongfeng all wheel drive bus, military bus, desert bus, … which can be used in harsh environments such as mountains, snow, Gobi deserts, deserts, forests, and mining areas.

    Dongfeng all wheel drive bus EQ6672CTN

    Dongfeng off-road vehicle adopts military off-road tires, Cummins engine power, Dongfeng full-drive system, good off-road passing, easy operation and excellent performance. The products are suitable for geological exploration, oilfield operation, highway construction, line maintenance, میرا بچاؤ, water conservancy and hydropower, Specialized industries such as peacekeeping forces and the military are ideal for transportation and operations in the wild and in harsh road conditions.

    Dongfeng military bus EQ6672CTN

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