Dongfeng mobile food truck with Expansion box
  • Dongfeng mobile food truck with Expansion box
  • mobile food truck with Expansion box
  • Dongfeng mobile catering truck with Expansion box
  • Dongfeng mobile snack truck
  • Dongfeng mobile catering truck
  • Dongfeng mobile food truck
  • Dongfeng mobile food truck with Expansion box

    1. ماڈل: CLW5082XCCE3

    2. GVW: 8275کلو

    3. انجن: 120 HP

    4. سائز: 7350x2350x3500mm

    5. Dongfeng mobile food truck with Expansion box

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    Dongfeng mobile food truck with Expansion box

    Dongfeng mobile food truck with Expansion box, mobile food truck is a nowadyas very popular seen mobile catering vehicle in the street. It’s very convenient for the supply of food, snacks, fast foods, … any where it can be driven to, especially some city center, Commercial Street, business center

    Dongfeng mobile catering truck

    Main Parameter configuration of this Dongfeng mobile food truck:

    Dongfeng duolika white cab, 120 گھوڑے کی طاقت ڈیزل انجن, 3800 ملی میٹر wheelbase کے, whole size is 7350x2350x3500mm. and the box size is 5200x2200x2800mm.

    There are basic kitchen equipment in it like stainless steel table, auto hand wash water basin, clean water tank, sewage tank, ایئر کنڈیشنز, freezer, Ventilation fan, gas generator, lighting system, …

    Dongfeng mobile food truck with Expansion box

    This is the special design for this catering truck, which can mostly enlarge the working space of the room. We say it expansion system, balanced external shift equipment, can choose external legs, وغیرہ.

    mobile food truck with Expansion box

    We can do any according to your requirement, it means we can do OEM & ODM service. We are the factory, we can supply you all chinese brand special truck, the same as this food truck, like Dongfneg food truck, ہووو کھانے کا ٹرک, Jac food truck, Faw food truck, Foton food truck, اسوزو کھانے کا ٹرک, …

    As more other details like the picture or related parameters of Dongfneg food truck, براہ کرم ہم سے براہ راست رابطہ کریں:میل: sales@cl-spv.com یا ویکیٹ / واٹس ایپ: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com



    Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5082XCCE3
    Main technical data of dining car product
    پروڈکٹ کا نام: Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5082XCCE3 Type dining car بیرونی سائز (ملی میٹر): 7350× 2350× 3500
    چیسس ماڈل: EQ1080 کارگو باکس سائز (ملی میٹر): × ×
    کل معیار (کلو): 8275 قربت / روانگی زاویہ (°) 20/14
    شرح شدہ معیار (کلو): 2500 سامنے معطلی / پیچھے معطلی (ملی میٹر): 1130/1810, 1150/1790, 1130/1452, 1150/1432, 1130/1960, 1150/1940
    تیاری کا معیار (کلو): 5580 زیادہ سے زیادہ رفتار (کلومیٹر / H): 103
    درا بوجھ: 3300/4975
    چیسس پیرامیٹرز
    چیسس ماڈل: EQ1080 چیسس بیچ: 299
    محور کا نمبر: 2 ایندھن کی قسم: ڈیزل تیل
    وہیلباسی (ملی میٹر): 3800, 3308, 4100 سامنے والا پہیا (ملی میٹر): 1740
    شرح شدہ مسافر: 2500 پوسٹرئیر وہیل بیس (ملی میٹر): 1610, 1586
    ٹائروں کی تعداد: 6 چشموں کی تعداد: 8/10+7
    اخراج کے معیار: جی بی 17691 - 2005 یورو Ⅴ, gb3847 - 2005
    ٹائر کی وضاحتیں: 7.50R16
    انجن پیرامیٹرز
    انجن ماڈل انجن کی پیداوار انٹرپرائز نقل مکانی (ایم ایل) پاور (کوا)
    Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaoyang fuchai Power Co., لمیٹڈ.
    Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Limited by Share Ltd
    Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., لمیٹڈ.
    Dongfeng light engine Co.,
    FAW liberated Automobile Co., لمیٹڈ. Wuxi diesel engine plant
    Kunming cloud internal power Limited by Share Ltd
    Guangxi Yuchai machine company
    دوسری معلومات
    خصوصی تقریب کی تفصیل:
    The vehicle color is optional, the position of the text spraying can be changed. The roof of the car is equipped with skylight, exhaust hood, exhaust port, guardrail, پانی کے ٹینک, and guardrail; the whole vehicle appearance is sprayed or pasted; the interior equipment can be customized as generator, ice cabinet, cold drink machine, selling table, cooker and so on. The right rear side of the left side is equipped with different structures. Form side door, bar, stage, sunshade board, glass window, glass window, LED screen lifting or non lift; front selection water tank; back selection LED screen, or selection blinds, climbing, or flip or rollover doors; selection of cab with chassis. The car chooses the shaft distance: 4100, 3800.ABS model: ABS/ASR-24V-4S/4M, manufacturer Xiangyang Dongfeng Longcheng Machinery Co., لمیٹڈ.
    Dongfeng mobile food truck with Expansion box
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