DFAC 8000 سمپیڑن ردی کی ٹوکری میں ٹرک لیٹر
  • 8000 سمپیڑن ردی کی ٹوکری میں ٹرک لیٹر
  • Dongfeng D7 compression garbage truck
  • Dongfeng 8000 سمپیڑن ردی کی ٹوکری میں ٹرک لیٹر
  • Dongfeng D7 compactor garbage truck
  • Dongfeng compactor garbage truck
  • Dongfeng 8000 COMPACTOR ردی کی ٹوکری میں ٹرک لیٹر
  • Dongfeng compression garbage truck
  • Dongfeng 8000 COMPACTOR ردی کی ٹوکری میں ٹرک لیٹر

    1. ماڈل: CLW5080ZYSD3

    2. GVW: 8500کلو

    3. انجن: 120 HP

    4. Garbage Box: 8000 لیٹر

    5. سائز: 7350x2250x2750mm

    6. Dongfeng 8000 COMPACTOR ردی کی ٹوکری میں ٹرک لیٹر

    • نردجیکرن
    • Chassis Parameters

    DFAC 8000 سمپیڑن ردی کی ٹوکری میں ٹرک لیٹر

    Dongfeng 8000 لیٹر compactor garbage truck, the other names are rear garbage loader, rear loader, compression garbage truck, dongfeng compression garbage truck, DFAC compression garbage truck, … big or heavy duty compression garbage truck.

    Dongfeng compactor garbage truck

    Dongfeng برانڈ compactor garbage truck, 120 گھوڑے کی طاقت ڈیزل انجن, euro3/4/5 emission standard. 3800 ملی میٹر wheelbase کے, 8000 liters garbage tank, automatically garbage compression system.

    Dongfeng 8000 سمپیڑن ردی کی ٹوکری میں ٹرک لیٹر

    There are some types of rear design, you can see the following picture according to the different garbage collect bucket or dust bin.

    Dongfeng D7 compactor garbage truck

    Features of the compressed garbage truck:

    ● The garbage collection method is simple: change the dirty appearance of the garbage cans in the city’s streets and eliminate secondary pollution.
    ●High compression ratio and large load capacity The maximum crushing pressure is 12 ٹن, and the loading capacity is equivalent to two and a half times that of the same tons of uncompressed waste.
    ●Automation of operation: Imported computer control system is used. All the loading and unloading operations require the driver to operate one person, not only to reduce the sanitation work.
    The labor intensity of people, and greatly improved the working environment.
    ● Good economy: When the Dongfeng Dolly card compressed garbage truck special equipment is working, the computer control system automatically controls the throttle.
    ● Double insurance system. The operating system has the dual functions of computer control and manual operation, which greatly guarantees and improves the vehicle usage rate.
    ● Inverting mechanism: The compressed garbage truck can be equipped with an inverting mechanism with a trash can (or bucket).

    For more about the chassis parameter or the details about Dongfeng 8 cbm compression/compactor garbage truck , pls کے کانٹیکٹ ہمیں آزادانہ طور پر. 0086-188 72992009 sales@cl-spv.com


    Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5080ZYSD3
    Main technical data of compressed garbage truck
    Product Name:Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5080 Type compression type garbage truckOuter size (ملی میٹر):7350, 7100× 2250× 2750
    Chassis model:EQ1080Cargo box size (ملی میٹر):× ×
    Total quality (کلو):8275Proximity / departure angle (°)20/14
    Rated quality (کلو):1730Front suspension / rear suspension (ملی میٹر):1130/1810, 1150/1790, 1130/1452, 1150/1432, 1130/1960, 1150/1940
    Quality of preparation (کلو):6350زیادہ سے زیادہ رفتار (کلومیٹر / H):103
    Axle load:3300/4975
    Chassis parameters
    Chassis model:EQ1080Chassis batch:299
    Axis number:2Fuel type:diesel oil
    وہیلباسی (ملی میٹر):3800, 3308, 4100Front wheelbase (ملی میٹر):1740
    Rated passenger:1730Posterior wheelbase (ملی میٹر):1610, 1586
    Number of tires:6Number of springs:8/10+7
    Emission standards:gb17691 - 2005 Euro Ⅴ, gb3847 - 2005
    Tire specifications:7.50R16
    Engine parameters
    Engine modelEngine production enterpriseنقل مکانی (ML)پاور (کوا)
    Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaoyang fuchai Power Co., لمیٹڈ.
    Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Limited by Share Ltd
    Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., لمیٹڈ.
    Dongfeng light engine Co.,
    FAW liberated Automobile Co., لمیٹڈ. Wuxi diesel engine plant
    Kunming cloud internal power Limited by Share Ltd
    Guangxi Yuchai machine company
    Other information
    Special function description:
    1, only select 3800 wheelbase کے, select the garbage hopper device with the cab.2 and the rear overturn style, and choose the rear overturn mechanism. The total length of the car is 7100mm when the rear overturn mechanism is selected, and the total length of the car is 7350mm when the rear suspension is 2150mm., and the corresponding suspension is 2400mm.3, the protective material: Q235 carbon steel. Connection mode: the side side protection is connected to the auxiliary beam with welding. The rear protection is replaced by the special device for the.4, the vehicle color, the text spraying and the local details. The.5, ABS manufacturers and models can be changed: the Xiangyang Dongfeng Longcheng machinery limited liability company /ABS/ASR-24V-4S/4M.6, the corresponding relationship between the engine and the fuel consumption value (L/100km): YC4FA130- 50/18.2; CY4SK251/18.7; ZD30D15-5N/18.5; ISF3.8s5141/18.6; YN38CRE1/17.9.7, special device: box, mainly used for transportation of urban sanitation waste.
    Multiparty bitmap display:

    DFAC 8000 سمپیڑن ردی کی ٹوکری میں ٹرک لیٹر Dongfeng 8000 سمپیڑن ردی کی ٹوکری میں ٹرک لیٹر Dongfeng D7 compactor garbage truck

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