ڈونگفینگ 6x6 اونٹ فوجی پانی کا ٹرک
  • Dongfeng 6x6 awd military water truck for UN
  • Dongfeng awd military water truck
  • all wheel drive military water truck factory
  • Dongfeng military water truck
  • عجیب فوجی پانی کا ٹرک
  • 6x6 awd military water truck
  • Dongfeng military water fire truck
  • Dongfeng awd water truck
  • ڈونگفینگ 6×6 عجیب فوجی پانی کا ٹرک

    1. ماڈل: CLW5210MCWT3

    2. انجن: 180 HP

    3. اخراج: یورو III

    4. Tank: 10000 L

    5. سائز: 7500x2500x2900 ملی میٹر

    6. ڈونگفینگ 6x6 اونٹ فوجی پانی کا ٹرک

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    ڈونگفینگ 6x6 اونٹ فوجی پانی کا ٹرک

    ڈونگفینگ 6×6 عجیب فوجی پانی کا ٹرک, this all wheel drive water truck made for the UN, a real military water tanker we export in the early of year 2018. This truck owns the durable chassis with superior performance especially in the rough road conditions, also we call it off road truck. As the tank capacity for this truck is 8000 L to 12000 L.

    Dongfeng 6x6 awd military water truck for UN

    Dongfeng AWD Export WATER Cart Chassis Configuration:

    ٹیکسی: Dongfeng old 153 belt military bumper row of half cab. Dongfeng military vehicle 2012 chassis, drive form: 6X6 drive. انجن: Dongfeng Cummins EQB190-20 medium-cooled, Euro II diesel engine. 12.5R20 widened tubeless off-road tires. The central charge and discharge system can be used to charge and deflate the front and rear axle tires. A130 six-speed mechanical gearbox. The middle and rear axles are equipped with a self-locking differential that is self-locking, and automatically locks the differential when the left and right adhesion forces are large.

    Dongfeng awd military water truck

    With military equipment such as cold start, ہوا مخالف لیمپ, معاون ایندھن کا ٹینک, oil drum, بالٹی, tools, وغیرہ, the whole vehicle can start smoothly at -41 °C ambient temperature. Traction connecting device: traction hook (front/rear), electrical connector, air brake connector, tow gun (with two-way shock absorption), gas and electricity for the gun. The main and auxiliary tank oil circuits are electrically switched. The winch is rear and the traction is 44100. انجن: Dongfeng Cummins EQB190-20 type. قسم: چھ سلنڈر, لائن میں, پانی سے ٹھنڈا, چار اسٹروک, air-to-air supercharged intercooled diesel engine; نقل مکانی (L): 5.88; maximum power: 140KW2800r/min, maximum torque: 650W. m/1300-1500r/min, clutch: 395 diaphragm clutch.

    Dongfeng military water fire truck

    Dongfeng six-drive export WATER truck top loading configuration:

    ٹینک کی موثر حجم ہے 8-12 چوک. یہ اعلی معیار کے کاربن اسٹیل کیو 235 شیٹ سے بنا ہے, the thickness of the sheet is 4mn, the tank is three horizontal and two vertical partitions, اور شنگھائی رونگ شینگ اعلی طاقت کا خصوصی فائر پمپ نصب ہے. سینڈوچ پاور ٹیک آف انسٹال ہے. سی بی 10/40 قسم کا فائر پروٹیکشن پمپ, PS40 فائر اینٹی ایرکرافٹ گن کے ساتھ, fire gun effective range ≥ 65m / 1. او ایم پی اے, the rear pump room has three aluminum light fire shutter doors, and the tank body and the body have pressure injection ports on both sides, which can guarantee the water supply in time and effectively, and can be equipped with forest fire pump according to needs. There are simple equipment compartments, which can be used to place a small amount of fire-fighting equipment. The top of the cab is equipped with long-bar police lights, high-power gear oil pumps, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 26 kilometers per 100 کلومیٹر.

    Dongfeng military water truck

    As these military trucks, we can do some special fuctions as the real requirements. Like right hand drive, 4wd water truck, add high pressure water gun ( fire truck gun), fog cannon, sweeper brushes, aerial platform, fire alarm, smog cannon, … pls contact us for more.

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