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Dongfeng 4 doors dump truck
  • Dongfeng 5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک
  • Dongfeng small dump truck
  • Dongfeng small dump vehicle
  • Dongfeng 4 doors dump vehicle
  • DFAC singal row dump truck
  • Dongfeng singal row dump truck
  • Dongfeng 5 tons dump vehicle
  • 10 units of Dongfeng dump truck finished
  • Dongfeng 5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک

    1 ماڈل: CLW5060DTDF

    2 GVW: 7500کلو

    3. ENGINE: 95 HP

    4. DUMP BOX: 3600×1750×600MM

    5. SIZE: 5500×2000×2230MM

    6. Dongfeng 5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک

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    Dongfeng 5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک

    Dongfeng 5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک, also we call it DFAC dump truck, dongfeng double row dump truck, dongfeng mini dump truck, dongfeng dump vehicle, small dongfeng dump truckwe are the factory and manufacture of dump tuck, dongfeng dump truck and other brands dump trucks

    Dongfeng singal row dump truck

    This is a singal row dump truck, DFAC dump truck, 5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک, suitable for the home use or small constuction site, the mud, stones, Soil, slag, garbagetanspotation.

    Dongfeng 5 tons dump vehicle

    From the rear view of the dump truck, you can see clearly of the dump box, 3-4 metes of the length, singal row or double row for you option.

    Dongfeng small dump truck

    As the material, we use the high quality carbon steel, thickness of the side is 3mm, and the bottum is 4mm. Central double 2 hydaulic cylinders. You can choose the italy imported cylinder or home made in China.

    10 units of Dongfeng dump truck finished

    10 units of Dongfeng 5 tons dump trucks, all finished and ready to deliver to customers place.

    Technical specification of this Dongfeng 5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک

    Item Unit Parameter
    Product name Dongfeng 5 tons mini dumper truck,
    Overall dimensions ملی میٹر 5500×2000×2230
    Gross weight کلو 7300
    روکنے کے وزن 3500
    Payload capacity 3670, 3605
    Axle load 2920/4380
    Cargo box dimensions ملی میٹر 3600×1750×600
    وہیلباسی 3300
    Front/Rear track base 1506/1466
    Front/Rear overhang 1032/1168
    Approach/Departure angle ° 19/12
    Exhaust/Power ml/hp 3856/95
    Max speed کلومیٹر / H 95
    Engine model CY4102 Power steering system have
    Traction system 4×2 Number of axles 2
    Tire specifications 7.00-16,6.50-16,7.00R16,6.50R16 Number of tires 6
    Operation control system Electrically hydraulic control Allowable passengers in cab 2, 3
    انجن Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaochai diesel engine
    Production cycle 7-10 working days
    warranty 12 month, from the date of supply

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