ڈونگفینگ 4x4 روڈ وین ٹرک سے دور
  • Dongfeng 4x4 van truck
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  • Dongfeng awd van truck
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  • Dongfeng 4wd off road van truck
  • ڈونگفینگ 4×4 سڑک وین ٹرک سے دور

    1. برانڈ: Dongfeng

    2. انجن: کمنز

    3. ڈرائیو: 4X4/LHD/RHD

    4. ٹیکسی: Dongfeng KR

    Dongfeng 4x4 awd off road van truck

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    Product Image of Dongfeng 4×4 سڑک وین ٹرک سے دور

    Dongfeng 4x4 van truck
    Product Details of Dongfeng DFV2163XXYGP6D off-road van truck

    Euro VI emission four-wheel drive Dongfeng Tianjin off-road van truck

    [Technical parameters of the vehicle]

    کل بڑے پیمانے پر (کلو) 16490 ٹینک حجم (M3)
    Rated mass (کلو) 8995,9060,8495,8560 طول و عرض (ملی میٹر) 7760,7960X2500,2550X3380,3580
    روکنے کے وزن (کلو) 7300,7800 کارگو ٹوکری کا سائز (ملی میٹر) 5400, 5600X2400, 2450X1900, 2100
    The number of passengers in the cab 3,2 Maximum load of saddle (کلو)
    Approach angle/departure angle (°) 21/17,21/14 Front suspension/rear suspension (ملی میٹر) 1440/1620,1440/1820,1440/2020,1440/2120,1440/2320,
    Axle load (کلو) 6000/10490 زیادہ سے زیادہ رفتار (کلومیٹر / H) 89
    Remarks: Remarks: The top of the carriage is closed and cannot be opened. The structure of the cargo compartment and the type and quantity of side opening doors are optional; the side and rear protection materials are Q235, the side and rear protection are welded to the frame, and the rear protection device section size (width × height) 60×120(ملی میٹر), the rear protective ground clearance: 460ملی میٹر. A driving recorder with satellite positioning function is installed. ABS model/manufacturer: 3631010-C2000/East Koknor Commercial Vehicle Braking System (شییان) شریک., لمیٹڈ.

    Dongfeng awd van truck chassis
    【Chassis technical parameters】

    Chassis model DFV2163GP6DJ Chassis name Off-road vehicle chassis
    Trade name Dongfeng manufacturer Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Xinjiang Co., لمیٹڈ.
    Number of axes 2 ٹائروں کی تعداد 6
    وہیلباسی (ملی میٹر) 4200,4500,4700
    ٹائر کی وضاحتیں 10.00R20 18PR
    Number of leaf spring 10/10+8 Front track (ملی میٹر) 1857
    Fuel type Diesel oil Rear track (ملی میٹر) 1860
    Emission standard GB17691-2018 National Ⅵ
    engine model Engine manufacturer engine capacity Engine power
    B6.2NS6B210 Dongfeng کمنز Engine Co., لمیٹڈ. 6200 154

    ڈونگفینگ 4x4 روڈ وین ٹرک سے دور
    Euro Sixth EmissionDFV2163XXYGP6DThe type Dongfeng Tianjin four-wheel drive off-road vehicle van adopts the DFV2163GP6DJ national six-emission Dongfeng Tianjin four-wheel drive off-road chassis.

    Dongfeng off road van truck

    Dongfeng Tianjin D530 one row and a half cab, 4×4 drive, Cummins B6.2NS6B210 National VI engine 210 ہارس پاور, torque: 850N.m/1100-1700rpm, displacement 6.2L, manual six-speed gearbox, Dongfeng Germany Acceptable axle, front drive axle 4.5 ٹن, پیچھے درا 10 ٹن, 10.00R20 ٹائر, wheelbase 4500mm/4700mm, frame 280mm, بجلی کا گلاس, سمت مدد, ایئر بریک, ABS, automatic headlight adjustment, automatic adjustment arm, optional Original air conditioner. The size of the carriage is 5.2 meters and 5.4 meters can be selected.

    Dongfeng awd van truck

    Corrugated board design is optional for the car body (other materials can be selected), the bottom plate is 4mm checkered board, پچھلا دروازہ کھلا ہے, and the side door is single.

    It is suitable for material transportation on mountain roads and Gobi desert roads.

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