Dongfeng 4 doors military crew truck
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  • Dongfeng 4 doors military crew truck
  • Dongfeng 4 doors 6×6 military crew truck

    1. ماڈل: CLW525502N

    2. GVW: 25000کلو

    3. انجن: 180 HP

    4. نقل مکانی: 5900cc

    5. سائز: 7800x2500x2900mm

    6. Dongfeng 4 doors 6x6 military crew truck

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    Dongfeng 4 doors military crew truck

    Dongfeng 4 doors military crew truck, 6×6 all wheel drive crew truck, and can be seated about 30 people/ warriors / soldiers, is the most economic and practical out door crew truck.

    Dongfeng 4 doors military crew truck chassis

    The main Configuration of this military crew truck:

    Vehicle model: Q2102 military vehicle, B2160 military vehicle, flat-head double-row cab with military bumper, کمنز 160 HP 190 hp national two engine, used for troop carrier and military material transport vehicle as export-specific models, Dongfeng 6-speed shift Box, 350mn single-plate dry clutch, air-damaged brake, drive front axle, through-type rear drive Bridge, hydraulic spare tire frame, with overhead high-power military air conditioner, 12.5R20 widened automatic inflatable off-road tire, wheelbase 3475+1250mm, electric glass, luxurious seat, front and rear axle drive, with cold start, anti-air lamp, auxiliary fuel tank, engine oil Bucket, bucket, toolbox and other military additional facilities, with shed and tarpaulin, optional rear winch.

    Dongfeng military cargo truck

    The new vehicle technical parameters/ off road 6×6 chassis
    vehicle name EQ2102N 6×6 Off-road Truck double cabin
    vehicle brand Dongfeng
    firm name Dongfeng vehicle co
    firm address Shiyan city Hubei China
    overall dimension L*W*H mm 7650,7760 * 2470 * 2893,2740
    fuel sort ڈیزل
    exhaust standard Euro III
    ml/kw/ displacement 5900/ 140
    steering type steering wheel
    Cargo box inner size L*W*H mm 4800 * 2294 * 550,800
    Axle number 3
    وہیلباسی(ملی میٹر) 3500+1250
    spring leaf 10+12
    wheel specification 12.5R20
    wheel numbers 6
    wheel span front/rear mm 1876 / 1870
    max gross weight(کلو) 1,605,011,650
    Rated load weight(کلو) 79,003,500
    curb weight (کلو) 7955
    max load weight allowed(کلو) 6000
    cab passengers 3
    °approach/departure angle 35/34
    front/rear suspension(کلو) 1385/1515
    top speed(کلومیٹر / H) 90
    axle load(کلو) 4020/12030,3410/8240
    chassis model/manufacturer EQ2162NJ
    Dongfeng vehicle co
    engine model/manufacturer EQB190-33
    Dongfeng diesel engine co.,ltd
    Air conditioner With A/C

    Dongfeng off road military crew truck

    This military crew truck, also can be called military army people carrier truck, military warriors truck, military soldiers transport vehicle, all wheel drive off road military vehicle, off road out door military truck, can be customized 4×4/ 4wd 6×6/ 6wd truck, and the usage can be military cargo truck, military water truck, military fire truck, military outdoor Camping truck, food truck, Logistics support vehicle

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