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China docking garbage truck
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  • 5 cbm docking garbage truck
  • Kaima 5 cbm docking garbage truck
  • China Kaima 5 cbm docking garbage truck

    1. ماڈل: CLW5040ZDJK3

    2. GVW: 5000 کلو

    3. Garbage Box: 5000 لیٹر

    4. انجن: 100 HP

    5. وہیلباسی: 3300ملی میٹر

    6. نام: China Kaima 5 cbm docking garbage truck

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    China Kaima 5 cbm docking garbage truck

    China Kaima 5 cbm docking garbage truck, docking garbage truck is a very popular garbage transportation truck you can see on the road or in the street. And it is the supporting vehicle related to compressed garbage station.

    چین 5 cbm docking garbage truck

    We are the docking garbage truck manufacturer & سپلائر, we can supply you all Chinese brand docking garbage trucks like Dongfneg docking garbage truck, ہووو docking garbage truck, Foton docking garbage truck, JAC docking garbage truck, اسوزو docking garbage truck

    5 cbm docking garbage truck

    Kaimai truck is a newly rising brand truck chassis company in China, and it’s famouse for the high cost performance with very good quality. Kaima docking garbage truck is also the top quality garbage truck made by Chengli Special Automobile Co.,LTD.

    Kaima docking garbage truck

    It’s also a dump truck, the best choice for the transportation vehicle of construction garbage with the loading weight 5 ٹن, the box container size is 3250x1850x850, and the material is side 4mm bottom 5mm carbon steel plate.

    docking garbage truck manufacturer

    This kaima chassis is 3300mm wheelbase with 100 HP euro 3 ڈیزل انجن, the whole size is 5700x2000x2400mm, and the tire is 7.00-16.

    docking garbage truck supplier

    How it works: The car operating system is a hydraulic control system to complete, the control mode can be manual or electric start control. The compression station lifts the garbage box vertically after the garbage is compressed into a block, opens the compression box discharge door, and the rear door of the garbage box body rotates upwards to open and dock with the back door of the compression box, and the garbage block is pushed horizontally by the pushing board in the compression box. Inside the garbage truck body, close the rear door of the garbage truck after completing the garbage loading.

    Kaima 5 cbm docking garbage truck

    Components: The use of national standard thickness of high-quality carbon steel plate Wuhan, the edge of the three-four-skeleton cars, skeleton cars in accordance with the pressure to withstand the largest force of the outer frame optimization design. Vertical, cross-beam skeleton and roof skeleton are all made of high-quality steel, دباؤ, pull forming. With hydraulic devices, the driver completes the loading and unloading work in the cab. Fully sealed box, the top can choose top open/seal, the end of the box adopts full hydraulic cylinder compression, the tail with 3m thick rubber seal, the sewage will not drip, effectively prevent secondary pollution, the box adopts double cylinder hydraulic dumping function .

    As more other details like the picture or related parameters of China Kaima 5 cbm docking garbage truck , براہ کرم ہم سے براہ راست رابطہ کریں:میل: sales@cl-spv.com یا ویکیٹ / واٹس ایپ: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com

    Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5040ZDJK3
    Main technical data of compression type docking garbage truck
    پروڈکٹ کا نام: Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5040ZDJK3 Type compression type butt garbage truck بیرونی سائز (ملی میٹر): 5790× 2000× 2400
    چیسس ماڈل: KMC1045 کارگو باکس سائز (ملی میٹر): × ×
    کل معیار (کلو): 4495 قربت / روانگی زاویہ (°) 25/20
    شرح شدہ معیار (کلو): 365, 430 سامنے معطلی / پیچھے معطلی (ملی میٹر): 1135/1425
    تیاری کا معیار (کلو): 3935 زیادہ سے زیادہ رفتار (کلومیٹر / H): 95
    درا بوجھ: 1860/2635
    چیسس پیرامیٹرز
    چیسس ماڈل: KMC1042A33D3 چیسس بیچ: 305
    محور کا نمبر: 2 ایندھن کی قسم: ڈیزل تیل
    وہیلباسی (ملی میٹر): 3300 سامنے والا پہیا (ملی میٹر): 1540, 1600, 1680
    شرح شدہ مسافر: 365, 430 پوسٹرئیر وہیل بیس (ملی میٹر): 1550, 1600
    ٹائروں کی تعداد: 6 چشموں کی تعداد: 7/9+5, 3/5+3
    اخراج کے معیار: جی بی 17691 - 2005 یورو Ⅴ, gb3847 - 2005
    ٹائر کی وضاحتیں: 7.00-16LT 8PR, 7.00آر 16 ایل ٹی 8 پی آر, 7.50-16LT 6PR, 7.50آر 16 ایل ٹی 8 پی آر
    انجن پیرامیٹرز
    انجن ماڈل انجن کی پیداوار انٹرپرائز نقل مکانی (ایم ایل) پاور (کوا)
    Jiangsu four Da Power Machinery Group Co., لمیٹڈ.
    Kunming cloud internal power Limited by Share Ltd
    Jiangsu four Da Power Machinery Group Co., لمیٹڈ.
    FAW liberation Automobile Co., لمیٹڈ. Wuxi diesel engine factory
    Jiangxi wukuzu Engine Co., لمیٹڈ.
    FAW liberated automobile has limited company Wuxi diesel engine factory
    Guangxi jade Chai Power Machinery Co., لمیٹڈ.
    Weichai Power Yangzhou Diesel Engine Co., لمیٹڈ.
    دوسری معلومات
    خصوصی تقریب کی تفصیل:
    1, the car is mainly used for the compression of garbage station docking. With chassis selection of the cab; 2, protective material: Q235A کاربن اسٹیل, کنکشن وضع: پہلو اور تحفظ کے نچلے حصے مشترکہ ویلڈیڈ ہیں, تحفظ حصے کے سائز کا عقبی حصہ (ملی میٹر): 100 * 50, the lower part of the protection from the ground height (ملی میٹر): 360.3, vehicle color, character spraying and local details variable Change, 4, ABS model: CM4XL-4S/4K (4S / 4M), ABS production enterprise: Guangzhou Comet Automotive Brake Technology Development Co., Ltd..5, only the relationship between engine and fuel consumption value is (L/km): SD4D25R-70/12.44, YN27CRE1/12.51, SD4D28R-83/12.28, 4DW93-84E5/ 12.55..

    Kaima 5 cbm docking garbage truck

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