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چین 5 ٹن ڈمپر سپلائر
  • چین 5 ٹن ڈمپر
  • چین 5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک
  • 5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک
  • chengli 5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک
  • dongfeng 5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک
  • dongfeng dump truck
  • chengli dump truck
  • dongfeng chengli dump truck
  • چین Dongfeng 5 ٹن ڈمپر

    1. ماڈل: CLW3040BDFCL3

    2. HorsePower: 95 HP

    3. Loading: 5-8 ٹن

    4. اہلیت: 6سی بی ایم

    5. سائز: 5700x2040x2320

    • نردجیکرن

    چین 5 ٹن ڈمپر سپلائر

    چین Dongfeng 5 ٹن ڈمپر, this is made by chengli truck company, which all under the standard of dongfeng trucks. 5 ٹن ڈمپر ٹرک, 5 ٹن ڈمپر سپلائر, 5 tons dump truck manufacture from China.

    5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک

    Chengli brand 5 ٹن ڈمپر ٹرک, 95 گھوڑے کی طاقت, euro III emission standard, with AC and other basic functions. The up structure, 2 units of hydraulic cylinders, which you can see from the above pictures. The size of the box is 3550x1950x800mm, and material is carbon steel, 3mm for side and 4 mm for the bottom.

    dongfeng dump truck

    Another side view of this dump truck, which is under 3300mm wheelbase truck.

    chengli dump truck

    For these kinds of dumper trucks, it can load sand, stone, bricks, construction garbage materials, and others related. And the total loading weight can be 5-8 ٹن.

    dongfeng chengli dump truck

    چین Dongfeng 5 ٹن ڈمپر, also here is Chengli made 5 ٹن ڈمپ ٹرک. THis is the simple and easy dump truck made by us.



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