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Chengli – Foton strategic cooperation 2019


chengli truck foton truck strategic cooperation
Foton Automobile Forland Division and Hubei Chengli Truck in Xiamen held 3200 chassis direct supply strategy signing ceremony.

April 9, Foton automobile Forland Division Special Vehicle Partner seminar held in Xiamen, at this meeting, Futian times Division and Special Vehicle modification plant representatives, engine manufacturers representatives, ڈسٹریبیوٹر نمائندوں, together to discuss the future development trend of the special vehicle industry and strategic cooperation model, And with a number of enterprises signed a strategic agreement of 5900 یونٹس.

chengli foton strategic cooperation 2019

ان کے درمیان, as the country’s largest dedicated car manufacturer, Chengli Automobile Group’s core Enterprise Chengli Special Automobile Co., لمیٹڈ, and Foton automobile Times Division signed a strategic agreement of 3200 یونٹس, the biggest highlight of the seminar.

chengli group strategic cooperation 2019

Foton Automobile awarded the Chengli Special Automobile Excellent partner award, which is also Futian automobile in the first quarter of this year with Chengli automobile group reached a comprehensive strategic partner, the first large-scale centralized direct procurement of special steam chassis, Futian company is the domestic commercial vehicle industry leading mainframe manufacturers, chassis technology reserves and R & amp; D and production has a greater innate advantage, This meeting takes advantage of the opportunity of transforming the country six to launch a series of upgrading new products as a whole, which is sought after by the industry.

chengli foton cooperation

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