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Three compressed garbage trucks were exported to the Philippines


Isuzu compression garbage truck export success story to the Philippines

                    In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization in the Philippines, the problem of garbage disposal has become increasingly prominent. To address this challenge, a large environmental company in the Philippines decided to purchase a fleet of efficient and durable compressed garbage trucks. After a detailed examination and comparison of several suppliers, they finally chose our Isuzu compressed garbage truck.

Product advantages and customized services

Isuzu Compressed Garbage Truck offers a number of outstanding features, including:

Efficient compression:

The garbage truck is equipped with an advanced hydraulic compression system, which can efficiently compress garbage, increase garbage loading, reduce transportation times, and reduce operating costs.

Durable and reliable:

The body is made of high-strength materials, strong corrosion resistance, adapted to the rainy and humid climate conditions in the Philippines.
Environmental protection and energy saving: The engine adopts the latest environmental protection technology, meets international emission standards, and reduces environmental pollution.

Isuzu compression garbage truck

Isuzu compression garbage truck

Isuzu compression garbage truck

Isuzu compression garbage truck01

Isuzu compression garbage truck

Export type garbage truck video display

Convenient and safe loading and transportation

The use of trailers to transport compressed refuse trucks has the following advantages:

Cost savings: The use of trailers can reduce the number of trips and transportation costs. Multiple compressed garbage trucks can be loaded in one transport, at a lower cost than driving each vehicle individually to the destination.

Protecting vehicles: Newly manufactured compressed garbage trucks can be damaged during transportation. The use of trailer transport can reduce the wear and damage that the vehicle may suffer during transport, protecting the body and chassis.

High safety: Trailer transport is safer than driving a vehicle for long distances. Professional tow truck drivers have extensive driving experience and can ensure that the vehicle reaches its destination safely.

Reducing mileage: Compressing the mileage of the garbage truck itself has an important impact on its useful life and second-hand value. Using a trailer for transport can reduce the mileage of the vehicle and maintain the vehicle’s new car status.

Improve efficiency: Trailer transportation can transport multiple vehicles at one time, especially in long-distance transportation, which can greatly improve transportation efficiency and shorten delivery time.

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Customer visits and factory visits

           After determining the intention of cooperation, the Philippine customer specially arranged a visit to China. Accompanied by our senior management, the customer visited the production workshop, the assembly line and the finished products exhibition area. The production process, technical advantages and quality control process of Isuzu compressed garbage truck are introduced in detail.
Customers have highly valued our production environment and technical strength, especially our strict quality control and innovative technical solutions in the production process.

Customer visit


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