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8×4 crane truck

Chengli 8×4 truck with 14ton crane

Truck video(Overview) Products Description CHENGLI  Crane Truck, one of the most well-known brands in China’s hydraulic following crane hoist industry, Hubei Chengli Automobile Company has been engaged in the manufacturing business of all kinds of light-duty and heavy-duty series of hydraulic lifting cranes, and provides high-quality, value-for-money products for users all over the world by continuously improving the technical indexes …

Dongfeng 4×2 truck with 10ton crane

Dongfeng 4×2 truck with 10ton crane

Application Truck-mounted cranes, renowned for their versatility and mobility in handling lifting tasks, play an essential role in numerous industries due to their unique ability to transport and lift materials simultaneously. Here are some common applications: 1.Construction: Truck-mounted cranes are pivotal in lifting building materials like bricks, steel beams, and lumber directly onto construction sites, thus accelerating the construction process. …

Dongfeng Liuqi with xcmg crane truck

Dongfeng Liuqi with 8 ton xcmg crane truck

Brief introduction of Dongfeng Liuqi with 8 ton xcmg crane truck The Dongfeng Liuqi Truck Mounted XCMG 8 Ton Crane is a powerful machine that can tackle even the most challenging lifting tasks. This vehicle is equipped with an XCMG 8-ton crane with a 6-section boom, capable of extending up to 19.8 meters. It is mounted on a sturdy and …

Dongfeng 10 wheels truck with crane

Dongfeng 3 axles truck with xcmg crane to Kenya

Dongfeng 3 axles truck with xcmg crane to Kenya This is the classical (first generation old model of Dongfeng) 3 axles Dongfeng truck with XCMG telescopic boom with model SQS300-4 (12 tons crane). Dongfeng 3 axles crane truck, this is the cheapest crane trucks in the market but with good quality trucks. Engine of Dongfeng 3 axles truck with xcmg …

Dongfeng 8x4 truck with XCMG crane

Dongfeng 8×4 12 wheels truck with XCMG 20 ton crane

Dongfeng 8×4 12 wheels truck with XCMG 20 ton crane This is the best and biggest truck with crane in Dongfeng series we make for our customers. Dongfeng, the top truck brand in China and win the max share in China domestic market from the light duty to heavy duty trucks. And the XCMG crane, this is the best crane …

Dongfeng truck with Crane & grapple

Dongfeng truck with crane & grapple

Dongfeng truck with Crane & grapple, this is not a new truck product but adding a special grapple on the normal crane truck, you can seee it in the above and below pictures. The grapple can be easily operated like the normal crane operation also with a remote control handset if you like. This crane truck with crapple can be …

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