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  • HOWO T5G 8x4 Aluminum alloy fuel tanker

    HOWO Aluminum alloy fuel tanker truck, new & beautiful howo T5G series fuel truck, waiting for inspection, and will be delivered to customer asap. HOWO T5G; truck; T5G-V cab; MC07.34-50 engine; HW13710CL gearbox + HW50 flange power take-off; Front axle (disc); MCY11 self-adjusting arm double rear axle (drum); double-decker frame (8+4/280); domestic steering machine; front and rear rear air suspension …

  • 60 units truck with crane for Djibouti country

    Chengli Solar Cleaning vehicle represents the high-end manufacturing industry of China’s special-purpose vehicles. The first batch of model vehicles are sent to the country of Ukraine from the “the Belt and Road”. Cheng Li standardized intelligent multi-functional municipal dredging vehicles are popular in the market. 5 units of such mud transport trucks to Africa. Chengli large-scale(100 tons) full-hydraulic truck-mounted crane …

  • Faw heavy duty tow truck

    6 units heavy duty towing truck for Yutong company, made by chengli wrecker factory. FAW Chassis, 240 hp engine, BUS dedicated 12 tons rear tow arm. 1, equipped with 240 hp six-cylinder engine, strong power; 2, row semi-luxury body, 5 tons of front axle, 10 tons of rear axle, 1000 wire tires, Shaanxi tooth small eight-speed transmission. 3, 12 tons …

  • Dayun dump truck with Electric hydraulic Tarpaulin

    3 units of Dayun dump truck with Electric hydraulic Tarpaulin will be sent to shanghai port soon later today.

  • Dongfeng swing arm garbage truck

    Dongfeng swing arm garbage truck to Africa Good News!  CLW 20 units swing arm garbage trucks+100 units garbage boxes are ready now, will depart to Shanghai for shipping to Africa.

  • Dongfeng 3 axles truck with changxing crane

    Dongfeng truck with CX crane for Pole Planting, we are Pole Planting truck/ vehicle manufacturer, factory, supplier… Also we can add the hole drilling machine/ equipment, Fixtures, hooks, hanging baskets, such specialized devices on it. Please contact us directly.

  • sinotruk howo 6x6 all wheel drive water truck

    Delivery of sinotruk howo 6×6 all wheel drive water truck. Sinotruk howo 6×6 all wheel drive water truck, 371 horse power howo 3 axles all wheel drive truck with 20 cbm water tank, all together 16 units ready for delivery today. These batch of all wheel drive water truck are mainly for the water supply of mining company in africa …

  • Batch Hanging bucket garbage truck delivery ceremony

    China Kaima batch garbage truck delivery ceremony – all total 90 units such kind of garbage truck. CLW brand, the famouse china leading garbage truck manufacturer. Kaima garbage truck, a practical and useful garbage collector truck, specially for the rural or living community garbage collect & transport. Other more detailed pictures for reference.   We have an morden production line, …

  • Changan street maintenance truck

    Changan road cleaning truck made by chengli truck, all together 17 units of such road maintenance truck for the local sanitation department. This is a mini high pressure water flush truck mainly for the cleaning of the street or narrow Sidewalk road. 17 units mini road cleaning truck with front spraying nozzles and rear automatic rolled high pressure jetting hose with gun …

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