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  • Sinotruk Howo truck-mounted Chengli 4 ton crane

    1. Brand: Sinotruk Howo

    2. Engine: Yuchai 115HP

    3. Crane: Chengli Brand

    4. Loading: 4 tons

    Sinotruk Howo truck-mounted Chengli 4 ton crane

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    The real shot pictures of Sinotruk Howo truck-mounted Chengli 4 ton crane

    This above Howo is made by Sinotruk Chongqing factory, actually we call it Howo CDW (Wangpai). The crane is made by Chengli company, suitable for a 3-4 tons crane. And you can choose other cranes for sure like XCMG, SANY…

    Sinotruk Howo truck-mounted Chengli 4 ton crane configuration

    Chassis configuration:
    Sinotruk’s ace Chengli 4-ton blue truck mounted crane is a very practical product. It can be driven by C light, Yuchai 115 horsepower or Xichai 130 horsepower engine, 5-speed with auxiliary transmission, 3360mm wheelbase, air brake Braking system, warm air, power steering, the highlight is the ace special chassis, 200mm girder, 7-ton rear axle, the load-bearing capacity of the girder is the strongest among the blue brand models, with a block-shaped cargo box, and a large load capacity.

    Crane parameters:
    The truck uses a 4-ton three-section straight-arm crane with a capacity of 4 tons. The crane can be installed at 360 degrees. When loading, the crane can be rotated to a thousand acres in the cab. The boom is 3.35 meters long without extension and fully extended. The boom length is 7.56 meters, and the horizontal lifting parameters are: 500kg for a working radius of 7.56 meters, 900kg for 5.46 meters, 1800kg for 3.36 meters, and 3200kg for 2.1 meters.

    Howo truck with chengli crane

    This is the howo you can see very popular in the market, with obvious HOWO logo at the front face.

    Howo truck with chengli crane

    And same this crane is made by our chengli company, chengli crane is not famous as XCMG but with more and higher Cost-effective.

    Howo truck with chengli crane

    This is the general cargo box, the size can be customized from length of 3 meters to 4 meters. And the loading capacity is 3-4 tons.

    Howo crane truck Howo crane truck Howo 5 tons crane truck

    Also you can choose other cranes like XCMG, SANY, PALFINGER...

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