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  • Sinotruk HOWO 13000 liters fuel tank truck

    1.Brand: Sinotruk HOWO

    2.Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm: 8500×2500×3320

    3.Wheel base(mm): 4700

    4.Gross vehicle weight(kg):18000

    5.Drive Type : 4x2

    6.Engine Model : MC07.25-60

    Fuel tank truck are also known as "Petroleum Industry Logistics"; "HOWO Truck"; "Oil Spill Prevention"; "Environmental Regulations"; "Fuel Tanker Design"  and  "Petroleum Transportation" .

    • Specifications

    Specific function description

    Tank material: carbon steel, stainless steel, according to the need can also use aluminum alloy, pure aluminum cans, rubber lining, rotomized, plastic cans, glass fiber reinforced plastic cans.

    Tank type: square, oval, round

    Oil pump: self-priming pump, gear pump, chemical pump, stainless steel pump, centrifugal pump, heavy oil pump. Oil meter: single count, double count, tax control refueling machine.

    Fuel Tank Truck breathing valve:

    In order to ensure that the refueling truck is working, the pressure in the tank is basically consistent with the atmospheric pressure, and a breathing valve is installed on the large cover of the tank. When the oil in the tank is heated and expanded or when the oil pump is refueled to the tank.The oil level in the tank rises and the pressure increases. When the pressure in the tank is higher than the external pressure of 8KPA.The valve plate on the breathing valve is opened; When the oil is discharged from the oil pump or the oil is cooled and contracted. The oil level drops and the pressure decreases. When the pressure in the tank is lower than the external pressure by 3KPA, the lower valve plate of the breathing valve opens.



    Sinotruk HOWO 13000 liters fuel tank truck

    Sinotruk HOWO 13000 liters fuel tank truck


    Sinotruk HOWO 13000 liters fuel tank truck

    Sinotruk HOWO 13000 liters fuel tank truck

    Sinotruk HOWO 13000 liters fuel tank truck

    Sinotruk HOWO 13000 liters fuel tank truck

    The vehicle parameters 

    Vehicle Name Sinotruk HOWO 13000 liters fuel tank truck
    Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm 8500×2500×3320
    Wheel base(mm) 4700
    Gross vehicle weight(kg) 18000
    Max. speed(km/h) 80
    Chassis Type ZZ1187K501GF1
    Drive Type 4×2
    Cab seats 3,2
    Tire No.’s 11/9+8,3/9+8,3/3+2,2/3+2,3/-,2/-,2/3,7/7+6,7/7+3,3/7+6,3/7+3
    Engine Model MC07.25-60
    Engine Brand Sinotruck Engine Co., Ltd
    Fuel type Diesel
    Displacement (ml) / Power 6870/9188KW255(HP)
    Emission Standard VI
    Chemical/Fuel Tanker, Fuel & Gas Truck, LPG Tank / Trucks , , , , ,

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