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  • Sinotruk Howo 10000 – 12000 liters water truck

    1. Brand: Sinotruk Howo

    2. Engine: WD615.87/ 290HP

    3. Driving: 4x2/LHD/RHD

    4. Tank capacity: 10000 - 12000 liters

    Howo 10000 - 12000 liters water truck

    • Specifications

    Howo 10000 liters water truck

    Sinotruk Howo 10000 – 12000 liters water truck

    This is the famous water tank truck made by Sinotruk howo, here we say the chassis is made by Howo factory and the water tank body is made by Chengli water truck factory, which has the biggest water truck production line.

    Howo 10000 liters water truck

    Introduction of  Howo A7 water truck:

    Howo A7 290 HP chassis is a heavy-duty truck chassis manufactured by Sinotruk, a leading Chinese manufacturer of commercial vehicles. This chassis is designed for heavy-duty applications and is capable of carrying large loads over long distances.

    The Howo A7 290 HP chassis is powered by a 4-stroke, turbocharged diesel engine that delivers 290 horsepower and 1,160 Nm of torque. The engine is coupled with a 10-speed manual transmission that allows for smooth gear shifting and maximum control.

    The chassis is built on a ladder-type frame that is made of high-strength steel, ensuring durability and stability on rough terrain. The suspension system is also designed to handle heavy loads, with parabolic leaf springs and shock absorbers that provide a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads.

    The Howo A7 290 HP chassis is equipped with advanced safety features such as an air brake system, ABS, and EBD. The truck also comes with a spacious cabin that is designed for driver comfort, with features such as air conditioning, power windows, and a multimedia entertainment system.

    Overall, the Howo A7 290 HP chassis is a reliable and efficient heavy-duty truck chassis that is well-suited for a wide range of applications, including transportation, construction, mining, and logistics.

    Howo 12000 liters water truck

    Technical Parameters  0f  Sinotruk Howo 10000 – 12000 liters water truck

     Cabin  Driving type 4×2 LHD/RHD
    Model: ZZ1167
    HW76 Lengthen cab, single bunk,safety belts,left hand driving,air conditioner.
    Overall Dimensions 8260×2496×2750 mm
    Wheel Base 4600 mm
    GVW 25000kg
    Front axle loading capacity  1 x 7000
    Rear axles loading capacity 2 x 16000
    Engine  Brand Sinotruk
    Model WD615.87
    Type 6-cylinder in line, 4-stroke, water-cooled,

    turbo-charged & inter-cooled, direct injection

    Displacement 9.726L
    Bore x Stroke 126x130mm
    Horse Power (HP) 290
    Emission standard Euro II
    Max Speed 102 km/h
    Tire  12.00-20, 12.00R20
    Transmission HW15710 or HW19710 transmission,10 forward & 2 reverse,with PTO
    Steering ZF8098
    Oil Tank 300L
    Tank Volume 10000 – 12000 liters
    Brake System Service brake:dual circuit compressed air brake
    Parking brake (emergency brake):spring energy,compressed air operating on rear wheels
    Auxiliary brake:engine exhaust valve brake
    Electrics Operating voltage:24V,negative grounded
    Batteries:2×12 V,165 Ah
    horn,headlamps,fog lights,brake lights,indicators and reverse light
    Option Vertical Muffler,ABS,Automatic Break Clearance Adjusting Arm,Traveling Data Recorder,

    Metal Pipeline,Engine Protective Board

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    Howo 10000 liters water truck Howo 12000 liters water truckHowo 12000 liters water truck Howo 12000 liters water truck

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