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  • Sinotruk Ace 5 Ton Truck-mounted Crane

    1. Make: Howo

    2. Loading: 5 tons

    3. Drive: 4x2/LHD

    4. Crane Brand: Sany Palfinger

    • Specifications

    The real shot pictures of the 5-ton truck crane of Sinotruk’s Ace

    Sinotruk Ace 5 Ton Truck-mounted Crane Configuration

    Chassis configuration:
    The 5-ton truck-mounted crane of Sinotruk’s Ace, adopts a special chassis for truck-mounted cranes of Sinotruk’s Ace, 3900mm wheelbase, Xichai 130 horsepower, 5-speed with auxiliary gearbox, high and low gears, 9-ton rear axle, 250mm double-layer thick beam , 825R20 steel wire tire. The crane adopts a 315-ton three-section straight boom crane with a maximum lifting height of 13.4 meters and a maximum working radius of 11.9 meters. Users can also choose XCMG, Shimei, Feitao, Changxing, Chengli and other well-known brands according to their needs. The clearance size of the cargo box is 4300×2300×600mm.

    Crane parameters:
    Three-one 5-ton three-section straight-arm crane has a maximum lifting weight of 5 tons, downward operation, 360-degree full rotation, full hydraulic operation, a maximum working radius of 11.9 meters, and a maximum lifting height of 13.4 meters. The working radius is 3.6 meters, the lifting height is 5.5 meters, and the lifting weight is 2.8 tons; the working radius is 6 meters, the lifting height is 8 meters, and the lifting weight is 1.5 tons; the working radius is 8.5 meters, the lifting height is 10.5 meters, and the lifting weight is 1.1 tons.
    Vehicle parameters:
    Vehicle name: Sinotruk’s ace 5-ton truck-mounted crane
    Vehicle model: CDW5110JSQHA2R5
    Card type: yellow card
    Vehicle size: 7550,7350×2450×3500(mm)
    Cargo box size: 4500,4300×2300×600(mm)
    Chassis brand: Sinotruk Ace
    Crane brand: Three-one 5-ton three-section straight arm
    Cargo box length: 4.3 meters, 4.5 meters
    Engine: Xichai 130 horsepower
    Gearbox: 5-speed with auxiliary gearbox
    Emission standard: Euro V
    Wheelbase: 3900mm
    Optional configuration: add single-cavity hydraulic rear outrigger, cargo box with self-unloading function
    Registered tonnage: 4385kg
    Maximum load: 12 tons
    Model advantage: affordable price, quality and quantity
    The truck-mounted crane manufacturers make complete vehicles in strict accordance with the requirements of the announcement, not oversize, with fuel announcements, environmental protection announcements, and Euro V emission standards, and they are listed on a national scale. At the same time, our company can also arrange professionals to assist users in listing, please rest assured to buy.
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