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  • Shacman X9 5000 liters sewer truck

    1. Brand: Shacman X9

    2. Drive: LHD/4x2

    3. Engine: 130-150HP

    4. Tank: 5000 liters

    5. Shacman X9 5000 liters sewer truck

    • Specifications

    Shacman X9 sewer truck, also called Shacman X9 fecal truck, Shacman X9 septic truck, …is a tanker truck which mounted on Shacman X9 truck chassis. There is a vacuum pump assembled on the truck for the suction of sewers/ fecals/ septics…all Liquid waste water.
    Shacman X9 5000 liters sewer truck

    Main features of Shacman X9 5000 liters sewer truck – chassis

    Shacman X9 5000L fecal suction truck adopts X9 single-row reversible cab, equipped with 150 horsepower engine in the cloud, matching Fast 6 gearbox, 2.2T front axle, 5T rear axle, 800X (132-192)/6+4 frame, 7/10+3 spring steel plate, 7.50R16 tires, 130L aluminum fuel tank, standard mechanical seats, electric doors and windows, central control locks, pole rearview mirrors, Tianxing Jianzhiya version of BD vehicle terminal, remote emission management terminal, dynamic rotation, clutch assist , auxiliary brakes, domestic four-channel ABS, attached air filter and other configurations.

    Shacman X9 5000 liters sewer truck

    Main features of the tank body of Shacman X9 fecal truck

    The overall size of the vehicle is 6000X2200X2650, 2750mm, the wheelbase is 3300mm, the total mass is 8280kg, the rated load mass is 3890, 3955kg, and the curb weight is 4195kg. The effective volume of the upper tank is 5.1 cubic meters, and the tank size (long × long axis): 3500×1800×1200 (mm). The side and rear protective device material material is Q235, the connection method: the left and right sides and the rear lower protection are welded connection, the rear protective device section size (width× height) 50×100 (mm), rear protection from the ground height: 430mm.

    Shacman X9 5000 liters sewer truck

    The top of the tank is mounted sequentially from front to back with a relief valve device, a manhole cover and a 360-degree fecal suction frame, which is standard for fecal suction trucks. The anti-spill valve device can not completely prevent the overflow of the tank, mainly plays a warning role; the manhole cover can facilitate the staff to enter the inside of the tank for decontamination operations, and the fecal suction rack assists the user to carry out the fecal suction operation under any place.

    Shacman X9 5000 liters sewer truck

    The tail of the tank is equipped with a large-diameter sewage outlet and a circular butterfly valve switch, which is more convenient to operate. The ladder is installed at the end of the tank and is made of the same material as the tank, which is relatively durable.

    Shacman X9 5000 liters sewer truck

    Sight sewage pipes and vacuum pressure gauges are also standard configurations for fecal suction trucks, and their role is also to assist staff to complete fecal suction operations more smoothly.


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