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SHACMAN SX 2190 6×6 heavy-duty off-road vehicle appeared in Wuhan Commercial Vehicle Exhibition


SHACMAN SX 2190 6×6 heavy-duty off-road vehicle appeared in Wuhan Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

Speaking of Shaanxi Auto SX2190 in China, I believe that many military fans will not be unfamiliar. It is a new generation of off-road vehicles developed in 1985 by the Shaanxi Automobile Manufacturing Plant, a subsidiary of the China Euro Heavy Duty Truck Corporation, which introduced Steyr 91 series cargo truck production technology from Austria. The car passed the official national appraisal and production in 1992. At this year’s Wuhan Commercial Vehicle Show, a special vehicle manufacturer in Suizhou showed a heavy-duty rescue vehicle modified with the Shaanxi Automobile SX2190 6×6 off-road chassis. This is also a rare opportunity to observe the SX2190 up close.

Shacman 2190 6x6 RESCUE TRUCK

Shaanxi Auto SX2190 6×6 heavy-duty off-road vehicle appeared at the 2017 Wuhan Commercial Vehicle Exhibition


Classic Steyr 91 front face styling

At the grand Euro Day military parade in 1999, the scene of the Shaanxi Automobile SX2190 6×6 heavy-duty off-road vehicle driving through Tiananmen Square is believed to make many people still remember it. This 7-ton off-road vehicle uses Steyr 91 with a sleeper cab, Weichai engine, ZF8046 steering gear and Wabco brake valves. The vehicle has high maneuverability, strong off-road passability, better power and acceleration performance.

Shacman 2190 6x6 RESCUE TRUCK

The left and right sides of the cab are damped by two coil springs + shock absorbers


The blue oil pan of the Weichai engine can be clearly seen from the front and bottom of the car, but because the nameplate is not seen, the specific power of the engine carried by the car is temporarily unclear. However, according to the query above, the SX2190 is still familiar with the engine WD615, the maximum output power is 206 kW, the maximum torque is 1070 Nm, the maximum speed is 80km/h, the maximum gradeability is 60%, and the rated load The quality is 7 tons, the curb weight is 11.5 tons, and the total mass is 18.5 tons.


Winch device of vehicle

This is a rescue vehicle, and the vehicle is equipped with a 10-ton hydraulic winch, which is actually carried by the original car, not retrofitted by the modification factory. This winch can pull out ropes back and forth, not only to rescue vehicles in distress, but also to save themselves.


According to the introduction, the Shaanxi Automobile SX2190 6×6 heavy-duty off-road vehicle was screened for the transfer case during design, and the Steyr transfer case with differential was selected. This type of transfer case always has 30% torque input at the front axle when driving normally. Only when the front axle is connected when necessary, the torque input of the front axle and the middle and rear axles is 50% each.

In the selection of axles, in addition to the performance indicators, the passability of off-road vehicles is also very important. Therefore, Shaanxi Automobile SX2190 considered the ground clearance requirements and increased the ground clearance as much as possible, so it adopted Steyr’s 13-ton mid-rear axle and 6.5-ton steering front drive axle with a speed ratio of 6.72. For the tire, a single tire of 14.00R20 is used, and the maximum load capacity of the single tire is 4 tons.

Shacman instock SX 2190 6x6 RESCUE TRUCK

The air filter is placed directly above the hydraulic tank, which is also considered for the car’s wading performance. The wading depth of Shaanxi Automobile SX2190 is 1.2 meters, which is very useful in field operations. After all, it often encounters creeks, river beaches and other places.

Shacman 6x6 RESCUE TRUCK

The SX2190 is also equipped with an electric spare tire rack. The spare wheel movable frame located on the right rear side of the cab is lifted and lowered by the spare tire frame electric elevator, which is convenient for the vehicle to change tires.


The whole vehicle adopts multi-piece leaf springs to ensure its load-bearing capacity, and the rear axle adopts balanced axle suspension.


The upper body of the vehicle is mainly used for loading emergency tools, and the crane at the rear of the vehicle is a good helper for emergency rescue.

As a classic model of domestic heavy-duty off-road vehicles, Shaanxi Auto SX2190 6×6 has a history of 32 years since its development, and it is still a model that is heavily used by the domestic army.

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