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  • Shacman SX 2190 6×6 AWD military truck chassis

    1. Brand: Shacman

    2. Model: SX 2190

    3. Drive: LHD/6x6

    4. Engine: Weichai

    5. Horsepower: WD615/280HP

    6. Can be modified to dump truck, crane truck, mixer truck, rescue truck ...

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    INSTOCK 2018 Shacman SX 2190 6×6 AWD military truck

    SX 2190 instock Shacman 280 HP 6x6 awd truck chassis

    Shaanxi Automobile Manufacturing Comapany introduced and digested the original Steyr 91 series off-road models and the original SX2150 models, and developed the second-generation heavy off-road model SX2190. The specific models are: SX2190, SX2190BQ, SX2190E, SX2190D Model.

    Instock Shacman 280 HP 6x6 awd truck chassis

    The SX2190 is equipped with a Weichai WD615-77A in-line six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 9.762L, a maximum power of 206KW, matching RT11609 (Fuller) manual transmission, 9 forward gears + 2 reverse gears.

    2018 Shacman Instock 280 HP 6x6 awd truck chassis

    In 1989, at the unprecedented 50th anniversary military parade in Tiananmen Square, a truck with a trapezoidal cab pulled the PLL01 155mm howitzer through the Tiananmen tower slowly. This truck is the most influential military vehicle in China. Shaanxi Auto Steyr SX2190 military truck, because of its excellent quality, has been the main purchase model of our army.

    SX2190 SHACMAN

    Speaking of Shaanxi Auto SX2190 in China, I believe that many military fans will not be unfamiliar. It is a new generation of off-road vehicles developed in 1985 by the Shaanxi Automobile Manufacturing Plant, a subsidiary of the China Euro Heavy Duty Truck Corporation, which introduced Steyr 91 series cargo truck production technology from Austria. The car passed the official national appraisal and production in 1992. At this year’s Wuhan Commercial Vehicle Show, a special vehicle manufacturer in Suizhou showed a heavy-duty rescue vehicle modified with the Shaanxi Automobile SX2190 6×6 off-road chassis.



    Shacman SX 2190 6×6 AWD military truck chassis

    Shacman SX 2190 6×6 AWD military truck chassis

    Truck Model SX 2190
    Cabin Standard cab, hydraulic shock absorb adjustable seat, adjustable steering,safety belt, cabin front protection, cooler protection, light protection, upward exhaust pipe
    Driving type LHD 6x6
    Engine Diesel, 4-stoke Direct injection,6-cylinder in line, radiator, Turbo-charging.
    WD615.50 European technology WEICHAI MAN EVB technology
    MAX Horse power: 290HP/206~213KW
    Displacement(L): 9.726liter
    Max torque: 1160NM@1100~1600
    Bore/stoke: 126mm/130mm
    Fuel consumption: 197g /kwh
    Gear box Applied American technology
    Model: FAST 9JS135
    Speed: 9speed, 1reverse         Max torque:1350NM
    Axle(front/rear)- Military axle
    Front axle 5ton STR technology non-driving steering axle
    Tandem 10ton x 2, STR technology double reduction, hub redactor driving axles
    (Driving axle) Wheel differential locks
    Clutch D430 diaphragm type, single dry frictional disc, hydraulic boosting.
    Brake Service brake: Double circuit pneumatic brake
    Parking brake: Spring-Power drum brake
    Engine brake: Engine exhaust brake(EVB)
    Steering Driver sit at the left hand side
    Electric Equipment Operating voltage: 24Vnegative grounded
    Starter: 24V,5.4KW
    Alternator 28V,758W
    Battery voltage 12V/135Ah
    Frame 850mm(width)-Variable sections strengthened frame, made as tough road condition
    Tyre 6+1 spare tyre with wheel
    14.00-20 military tyre
    Suspension system: Leaf spring type
    Front/Rear 9/9+6
    Dimension(mm):   380L
    Cargo box
    Wheelbase 3800(4350)+1350mm
    Diesel tank
    Track Front/Rear 1939/1800
    Approach/Departure angle 21/17
    Front /Rear overhang 1576/3030
    Max speed 80km/h
    Curb weight:
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