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  • Shacman H3000 6×4 15000 Liters Water Truck


    Emission Stand:Euro III

    Tank  Capacity:15000 liters


    Overall Dimension(mm):9800×2550×3300

    A water truck is a specialized vehicle equipped with a tank and spraying system, used for street cleaning, dust suppression, and landscaping. It disperses water over specific areas to clean and cool surfaces and irrigate plants. These trucks improve urban sanitation and air quality, especially during dry seasons.

    • Specifications

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               The Shacman Water Truck boasts a substantial tank capacity of 15,000 liters, making it ideal for extensive water spraying tasks such as street cleaning, dust suppression, and landscaping. Adhering to the Euro III emission standard, this truck ensures reduced environmental impact while delivering powerful performance.

             The well-engineered wheelbase of 4375 mm plus an additional 1400 mm ensures stability and smooth handling, even when fully loaded. Its overall dimensions of 9800 mm in length, 2550 mm in width, and 3300 mm in height make it a robust and sizeable vehicle, capable of tackling large-scale operations with ease.

            With Shacman’s commitment to quality and innovation, this water truck is designed to provide efficient and reliable service, enhancing urban sanitation and environmental management.

    Shacman H3000 6×4 15000 Liters Water Truck

    Shacman H3000 6×4 15000 Liters Water Truck

    Shacman H3000 6×4 15000 Liters Water Truck

    Shacman H3000 6×4 15000 Liters Water Truck

    Front Flushing

    The front flushing system of the Shacman Water Truck is designed to direct high-pressure water jets from the front of the vehicle. This feature is particularly useful for:

    • Street Cleaning: The high-pressure water effectively removes dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the road surface, ensuring clean and safe streets.
    • Versatility: Adjustable nozzles allow for targeted cleaning of various surfaces, including pavements and curbs.


    1. Efficiency: High-pressure jets cover a wide area, reducing the time and effort required for thorough cleaning.
    2. Safety: Front flushing ensures that debris is pushed away from the vehicle’s path, preventing it from being scattered back onto the cleaned area.
    3. Accessibility: Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as corners and edges of streets.

    Shacman H3000 6×4 15000 Liters Water Truck

    Shacman H3000 6×4 15000 Liters Water Truck

    Rear Spraying

    The rear spraying system disperses water from the back of the truck, ideal for:

    • Dust Suppression: Effectively reduces dust in construction sites, mines, and unpaved roads, improving air quality and visibility.
    • Landscaping: Provides a uniform water distribution for irrigating large green areas, parks, and gardens.


    1. Wide Coverage: The rear spraying mechanism covers a broad area, making it suitable for large-scale operations.
    2. Consistent Application: Ensures even water distribution, which is crucial for dust control and plant irrigation.
    3. Adjustable Spray: Allows operators to control the spray pattern and intensity, optimizing water usage based on the specific task.

    Shacman H3000 6×4 15000 Liters Water Truck

     Large capacity tank advantages:

                     A water truck with a large fuel tank offers several significant advantages, particularly in enhancing efficiency and operational convenience. One key benefit is the extended operation time. With a larger fuel capacity, the water truck can work for longer periods without needing to refuel. This is crucial for tasks that require prolonged, continuous operation, such as city street cleaning, dust suppression at large construction sites, and irrigation of extensive landscapes.

    Shacman H3000 6×4 15000 Liters Water Truck

    Shacman H3000 6×4 15000 Liters Water Truck

    Combined Benefits and Impact

    Together, the front flushing and rear spraying functions of the Shacman Water Truck offer comprehensive cleaning and watering solutions. These features enhance the truck’s versatility, making it an invaluable asset for municipal maintenance, construction sites, and landscaping projects. By efficiently managing water distribution and ensuring effective cleaning, the Shacman Water Truck significantly contributes to urban sanitation, environmental conservation, and public health.

    Detailed parameters

    Vehicle Name Shacman H3000 15000 Liters Water Tank Truck
    Brand Shacman
         Engine Power &
    Engine Model WP10.340E22
    Engine Brand Weichai Power Co., Ltd.
    Fuel Type Diesel
    Displacement / Power 9726ML/ 250kw (340HP)
    Emission Stand Euro III
    Number of speeds, 9Forward, 1 Reverse
             Chassis Chassis Type SX1259
    Drive Type 6×4
    No. of Axles 3
    Cab seats 3
    Max Speed(km/h) 90
    Tire 315/80 R 22.5
    Tire No.’s 10+1
    Tank parameter Gross Vehicle Weight 25000
    Curb Weight(kg) 11090
    Rated Weight / load(kg) 13780
    Wheelbase(mm) 4375+1400
    Overall Dimension(mm) 9800×2550×3300
    (length ×width×height)
    Tank  Capacity 15cbm
    Tank material Carbon steel
    Anti wave board 2 set, equally devided into 3 parts with flow hole

    Water Truck accessories display:

    Water truck accessories details

    Strong spray effect:

    Strong spray effect01

    Strong spray effect01

    Strong spray effect01

    Strong spray effect01

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