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  • Shacman 8×4 truck with 28ton knuckle crane


    2、Engine: WP10.380E22  380hp

    3、Driving Form:8×4  LHD

    4、Crane brand:XCMG

    5、Crane load:28 tons

    Truck crane can also be called:Truck-mounted crane、Mobile crane、Lorry-mounted crane、Telescopic crane、Boom truck、Hydraulic crane and so on.

    • Specifications

    Overview of crane manufacturers

    Today, to introduce this SHACMAN crane truck , I clearly remember this is with a Malian big brother in October last year for the first time network exchanges, at that time the big brother for the chassis crane brand has no special requirements, only on the crane load requirements, after several months of conversation, the customer finally flew all the way from Mali to China, and is the first time that the customer came to China, we are in order to not let down the customer! In order to live up to the customer’s trust, we took the Malian brother to the workshop to visit, test drive, explain, after a series of in-depth understanding, and finally trusted us and chose SHACMAN this 8 × 4 truck-mounted crane!

    Product Introduction

    8×4 Crane Truck is widely applicable to the hoisting and transportation of infrastructure materials and other equipment such as municipal construction, coal mine, engineering, landscaping, etc. The truck mounted crane can operate left and right, rotate 360 degrees forward and backward, or rotate in all directions. It adopts military quality production, with reliable quality, long service life and fast working speed.

    8×4 Crane Truck has an independent cab, wide vision and comfortable ride. The driver’s cab is equipped with extended rear-view mirror and supplementary blind mirror to reduce the driver’s visual blind area and increase the visual wide angle, so as to further improve the safe driving. The driver’s cab of the whole vehicle is equipped with double-layer stainless steel boarding and alighting pedals with humanized design and anti-skid and pedal resistance, which makes it safer for drivers and passengers to board and alight.

    Shacman crane truck

    Product feature and application

    ●Advanced noise isolation technology and strengthened vehicle body structure, and the application of polyester material can reduce cab noise greatly and increase insulation qualities.

    ● Adjustable steering wheel, which is easy to operate with great man-machine performance.

    ● Optimized shift operation: Telescopic shaft shift operation can absorb vibration from the chassis and ensure no spontaneous out of gear and control performance, improve the cab seal.

    ● Integrated structure floor mat is equipped with protective strips, great insulation, easy to clean and have good noise reduction properties.

    ● Four point air suspension and transverse damping shock absorber can improve the drive comfort and ease discomfort caused by road conditions

    ● The cooling system is equipped with symmetrical left and right air chambers with advantages of shorter intercooler inlet pipe, reduced pipe drag resistance, tight piping layout and high ground clearance.

    ● The maximum turning angle of the front wheel is 46 degrees, making the vehicle easy to maneuver.

    ● New generation electrical system: Advanced CAN bus technology from Germany BOSCH with the function of automatic fault detection, the newly upgraded electrical system has been verified by the vehicle market of 12 million kilometers, with stable performance, safe and convenient operation.

    Built for all purpose use, the F3000 crane truck have been used in city around the globe. With great relablity and high attendance rate, the F3000 crane truck is very versatile and can fulfill the requirements of its users.

    Shacman crane truck

    Vehicle parameters

    crane truck

    Shacman crane truck

    Shacman crane truck

    Shacman crane truck

    Shacman crane truck

    Shacman crane truck

    Shacman crane truck

    Shacman crane truck

    Shacman crane truck

    Shacman crane truck

    Personnel basket:

    It provides a safe platform for workers to perform tasks at heights. It is usually attached to a crane or a truck-mounted crane, allowing workers to be lifted to heights that cannot be safely reached by other means. It is a commonly used safety tool for high-altitude operations, ensuring the safety and efficiency of workers while performing tasks.

    Shacman crane truck

    Load limiter:

    •Preventing overload: The moment limiter can monitor the crane’s working load in real-time and issue an alarm or automatically stop operation when the load exceeds the safe limit, preventing the crane from being overloaded.
    •Ensuring stability: By controlling the load and the angle of the boom, the moment limiter helps maintain the crane’s stability, avoiding tipping accidents caused by excessive load or improper boom angle.
    •Protecting equipment: It prevents the equipment from operating under overload conditions, thus reducing mechanical failures and extending the crane’s service life.
    Enhancing safety: By monitoring and controlling the load, the moment limiter significantly reduces operational risks, ensuring the safety of operators and the surrounding environment.

    Shacman crane truck

    Shacman crane truck

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