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  • SHACMAN 20,000-liters Sewage Suction Flushing Truck

    Brand: Shacman

    Wheel base (mm): 4375+1400

    Overall dimention (mm): 10100×2550×3750

    Gross vehicle weight(kg): 29000

    Tank Capacity: 20,000L

    Shacman 6×4 Sewer Cleaner Truck use advanced technology and reliable design. It is used for cleaning and transporting sewage, sludge and other wastes, and is widely used in urban cleaning, environmental sanitation and sewage treatment and other fields.

    • Specifications

    Vehicle Description

    Shacman F3000 Flushing and Suction Truck is a kind of special vehicle which is specially for cleaning sewage, sucking sludge, cleaning pipeline and other work. It fits a vice engine to ensure sufficient power and stability in the process of suction and cleaning.

    Vice Engine: vice engine is one of the important components of Shacman F3000 cleaning and suction truck. It drive suction pumps or other cleaning equipment to provide additional power support. The presence of secondary engines can enhance the working efficiency of the vehicle.

    Working Principle: In actual operation, when the Shacman F3000 flushing and suction truck needs to be cleaned and suction work, the main engine and the vice engine will run at the same time. The main engine provides the vehicle’s power drive, while the vice engine provides the required power for the suction or cleaning equipment. This dual engine design ensures the stability and reliability of the vehicle during operation.

    Vehicle Shown

    SHACMAN 20,000 liters Sewage Suction Flushing Truck

    SHACMAN 20,000 liters Sewage Suction Flushing Truck

    Suction truck is an important tool for removing sludge and debris. It is a large industrial truck with separate water and sewage tanks, pumps and suction pipes.

    SHACMAN 20,000 liters Sewage Suction Flushing Truck

    The front face of the Shacman F3000 chassis use a large chrome-plated air intake grille. This design not only increases the visual impact of the vehicle, but also helps to direct air into the engine compartment.

    SHACMAN 20,000 liters Sewage Suction Flushing Truck

    SHACMAN 20,000 liters Sewage Suction Flushing Truck

    There may be ample remaining space on the side of the vehicle. And it mainly for operator access and maintenance of the suction equipment.

    SHACMAN 20,000 liters Sewage Suction Flushing Truck

    High-pressure reel triangular double-plug bolt fixed, stable and reliable, the reel increased thickening, with a shower pipe device (high-pressure pipe operation, to the recovery, you can wash the high-pressure pipe) reel can be rotated 180 degrees (hydraulic drive).

    SHACMAN 20,000 liters Sewage Suction Flushing Truck

    The side of the tank body equips a ladder. Then the top of the tank equips a patterned plate platform and a safety guard rail.

    SHACMAN 20,000 liters Sewage Suction Flushing Truck

    SHACMAN 20,000 liters Sewage Suction Flushing Truck

    The suction pump adopts 2BE-258 or SK-30 water cycle vacuum pump, driven by Weichai sub-engine.


    More Product Details

    main parts of the vacuum truck

    The Advantages of Chengli Made

    • We are the manufacturer.we are the biggest special trucks factory in China Special truck Base.
    • The company is a high-tech enterprise in Hubei province and has passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO16949, GJB9001 and CCC authentication of automobile products.
    • Chengli customers can customize the truck according to their specific needs, making the vehicle exactly fit their needs.
    • The chassis brand and color are optional by the customer to maintain the high efficiency of top configuration.

    Vehicle Parameters

    Parameters of SHACMAN 20,000-liters Sewage Suction Flushing Truck

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