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  • Shacman 12 wheels 8×4 30000 liters fuel tank truck

    1. Brand: Shacman

    2. Engine: WP10.380E22 380

    3. Driving: 8x4/ LHD/RHD

    4. Tank: 30000-35000 liters

    Shacman 12 wheels 8x4 30000 liters fuel tank truck

    • Specifications

    Shacman 30000 liters fuel tank truck

    Shacman 12 wheels 8×4 30000 liters fuel tank truck

    This is the biggest fuel tank truck that we make in the market, which we can use Shacman series F3000, H3000, X3000, all 8×4 12 wheels truck chassis. And the engine power from 300 horse power to 460 horse power.

    Shacman fuel tank truck

    Basic introduction of shacman fuel tank truck

    Shacman fuel trucks are specialized vehicles designed to transport and deliver fuel, including gasoline, diesel, and other petroleum products. Shacman, also known as Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of fuel trucks in China.

    The Shacman fuel truck is built on a heavy-duty truck chassis, with a fuel tank attached to the rear. The fuel tank is made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and rough terrain. The tank is typically divided into several compartments to allow for the transportation of different types of fuel or the delivery of fuel to different locations.

    Shacman fuel trucks come in different sizes and capacities, with some models capable of transporting up to 35,000 liters of fuel. The trucks are also equipped with advanced safety features such as anti-static grounding devices, fire extinguishers, and emergency shut-off valves to prevent accidents and spills.

    In addition to fuel delivery, Shacman fuel trucks can also be used for refueling vehicles, equipment, and machinery on job sites. They are commonly used in industries such as mining, construction, and transportation.

    Overall, Shacman fuel trucks are reliable, efficient, and durable vehicles that are well-suited for the transportation and delivery of fuel and other petroleum products.

    Shacman fuel tank truck

    Basic parameters of Shacman 30000 liters fuel tank truck

    Truck Name Shacman H3000 30000 liter water truck
    Main Brand Shacman
    Model CLW5320SFWT2
    Cabin Long flat cab
    Drive 8X4 LHD
    Wheelbase 1800+4575+1400 mm
    Size 10000X2550X3200
    GVW 25000kg
    Curb weigh 12500kg
    Speed 90(km/h)
    Chassis Model SX1255
    Axle Load 7500×2+13000kgx2
    Tire 12.00R20
    Direction assist yes
    Brake  air-cut brake
    Engine Model WP10.380E22 380
    HorsePower 380 HP
    Fuel Diesel
    Displacement 9.726L
    Standard Euro II
    Gearbox Model RTD11509C
    Type 9+1
    Tanker Part Tank Capacity 30000 liters
    Material High Quality Carbonsteel, 5mm,
    Sprayer Front & back& side spraying &rear water gun
    Platform Yes/ back
    PTO Connect with gearbox
    Pump 60-90

    Other pictures of Shacman 30000 liters fuel tank truck

    Shacman 12 wheels 30000 liters fuel tank truck Shacman 12 wheels 30000 liters fuel tank truckShacman 8x4 fuel tank truck Shacman 8x4 fuel tank truck Shacman 4 axles fuel tank truck


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