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» Город санитарии грузовик

Dongfeng jetting and suction truck
  • Dongfeng vacuum sewage suction truck
  • Dongfeng вакуумного всасывания грузовик
  • cleaning and suction truck factory
  • multifunctional cleaning and suction truck
  • Dongfeng cleaning and suction vehicle
  • Dongfeng Евро 6 очистки и всасывания грузовик

    1. Engin: Yuchai

    2. излучение: Евро 6

    3. Лошадиные силы: 165

    4. колесная база: 3800мм

    5. Водный танк: 2.5куб.м.

    6. Sewage Tank: 7куб.м.

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    Dongfeng Евро 6 очистки и всасывания грузовик

    Dongfeng jetting and suction truck

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    This is newly issued dongfeng euro 6 series light truck chassis.
    Matching Yuchai 165-horsepower engine (Евро 6), Wanliyang 6-speed gearbox, 245 вакуумные шины, 3800 колесная база, multi-function steering wheel, with LED daytime running lights, electric windows and doors, дистанционный ключ, пневматический тормоз, ABS anti-lock Dead system, 7 cubic meters of pollution tank, 2.7 кубические метры емкости для воды, Germany PF 215 high-pressure pump, 22 МПа, Shandong SK-12 water circulation vacuum pump, 60 meters high pressure pipe 19, 8 meters sewage suction pipe.

    Dongfeng cleaning and suction vehicle

    The cleaning and suction truck can not only transport sewage and sludge, but also play the role of dredging pipes. It has the advantages of self-priming and self-discharging, быстрая скорость работы, большая емкость, и удобный транспорт.

    The working principle is to use powerful high-pressure water jet technology to clean in a high pressure and low flow rate, with strong decontamination and water saving. It can clean the old stains on the pipe wall and pavement to achieve a good flushing effect and play a sulfur pass The purpose of the sewer. The main function of the cleaning and suction dual-purpose vehicle is for sulfur flux in the blocked area of the sewer which workers cannot reach. It is widely used for sewage deposits, sulphur drainage of dead corner mud ditch, urban plastic, glass exterior wall washing, всасывания сточных вод, sewage spraying in garden greening, high pressure washing of roads, и т.д.

    корпус бака: It is made of Q235 high-quality carbon steel plate produced by WISCO with a thickness of 6mm. Объем бака 7 кубические метры, the sewage tank is 1.5 кубические метры, and the clean water tank is 3.5 кубические метры. The two tanks communicate with each other.
    Tail cover is opened hydraulically, tank lifts and unloads

    cleaning and suction truck factory
    Cleaning part: Imported Germany Pinfu 170 flow high-pressure pump, with a self-made filter at the front of the high-pressure pump, and a thick 8mm reel at the rear of the tank, with a 60-meter 19 # high-pressure pipe

    Suction section: SK-6 water circulation pump, с 2 suction pipes (with joints), the platform on both sides of the tank body is thickened and widened by 20 cm high barriers, the hydraulic top is installed, the tool box is as large
    Full, vehicle engineering.




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