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  • Power Take Off (PTO) for China trucks

    1. Name: PTO (power take off)

    2. Model: up to the gearbox model

    3. Brand: up to trucks brand

    4. Mini order: 1 pc

    5. Delivery: by air or by ship

    6. Delivery time: 2 days

    • Specifications

    What is PTO (Power Take Off) ? 

    Power Take Off (abbreviated as PTO) is one or more sets of variable speed gears, also known as power output device. It is generally composed of gear box, clutch and controller, and output with low gear or auxiliary box of gearbox The shaft is connected to output power to external working devices, such as lifting pumps, lifting cylinders, water pumps, etc.


    PTO for Dongfeng trucks

    Power Take Off (PTO) for China trucks, like Dongfeng, Howo, Shacman, Foton, Qingling Isuzu, JAC, …for any Chinese Trucks, any type of china heavy duty trucks.

    PTO for Foton trucks

    How to buy the PTO (Power Take Off) ?

    After we understand this question, first we need know the working principle of PTO.

    We all know that PTO is an attachment of variable speed gearbox and get power from the Gearbox. Then we must need the model of the gearbox. So if you want to buy the PTO, tell me the model or give us the gearbox nameplate picture please. Like below the jiangkai gearbox 1700010017101, which most for Dongfeng light trucks.

    jiangkai gearbox 1700010017101

    Notice of using PTO (Power Take Off): 

    1. what is PTO ? you must get it from our first question. what others, you can think it simple as a gear on the gearbox. So everytime before you want to use it you must first step the clutch, or you will break the PTO. Please take care of this notice.
    2. After you finish using the PTO, you need close it, and the same first step the clutch, and press the pto switch (gas type) or pull the button (Mechanical type).

    PTO for Howo trucks

    Classification Power take-off (PTO):

    1. According to different control methods, there are mechanical control, hydraulic control, pneumatic control, vacuum source control, electric control and other control methods of power take-off, among which air control is more common.
    2. According to the different power output form, it can usually be divided into transmission side power output form, transmission front power output form, transmission rear power output form, and engine front power output form.

    Full explaination of 4 types of power output forms:

    Transmission side power output form
    Generally, power is output at a gear of the intermediate shaft of the transmission, or the power is output by the reverse cam, due to structural limitations. This power output method can only output one-half of the maximum power of the engine, and at most it will not exceed one-half. Therefore, it is called partial power output. It is mostly used in dump trucks, garbage trucks, aerial work, crane cars and tank trucks. The operation can be manually operated, or it can be controlled by air pressure, oil pressure, and electromagnetic control switches. You can also use push-pull flexible axis control.

    Power output at the front of the transmission
    Set between the transmission and the clutch, it can obtain the maximum power of the engine, so it is called the full power output power take-off. The design of this power take-off must focus on oil temperature and lubrication. If necessary, forced lubrication and cooling devices can be added. This structure makes the modification of fire trucks more convenient.

    Power output at the rear of the transmission
    It can be roughly divided into the power output form of the rear end of the intermediate shaft and the power output form of the rear end of the second shaft.
    1. Power output form of the rear end of the intermediate shaft
    The power take-off is fixed directly on the rear end face of the transmission. Splines are made on the rear end of the middle of the transmission or a gear is connected as a power output. The maximum power of the engine can be taken out.
    2. The second shaft power output form
    The power take-off is fixed on the rear end of the transmission, and a gear is added to the output end of the second shaft as the power output, which can obtain the maximum power of the engine, and the speed can be changed by the gear of the transmission, but the structure is more complicated and the transmission changes bigger. The rear-end power output of the above two transmissions is mostly used on fire trucks, concrete mixer trucks, delivery pump trucks and forklift trucks.

    Engine front power output form
    Generally, the triangular leather is used to output power from the crankshaft pulley at the front end of the engine to drive the power take-off. This output mode can take power at any time, but it is only part of the power output, which is mostly used in mixer trucks, as well as power take-off devices for free-wheel power output and power output on the transmission shaft.


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