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  • JAC 5 meters refrigerated van truck

    1. Brand: JAC

    2. Engine: Cummins

    3. Driving: LHD/RHD/AWD

    4. Box size: 5000x2200x2300mm

    JAC 5 meters refrigerated van truck

    • Specifications

    JAC 5 meters refrigerated van truck

    JAC 5 meters refrigerated van truck

    The JAC refrigerated van truck is a commercial vehicle manufactured by JAC Motors, a Chinese automaker. It is a refrigerated van truck that is designed for transporting temperature-sensitive goods, such as perishable food items and pharmaceutical products.

    JAC 5 meters refrigerated van truck

    JAC refrigerated van trucks are available in different sizes, ranging from 2 meters to 10 meters in length, depending on the specific model. The trucks are equipped with a refrigeration system that helps maintain a consistent temperature inside the cargo area, ensuring that the goods are not damaged or spoiled during transportation. The temperature can be set and controlled to meet the specific requirements of the goods being transported.

    JAC 5 meters refrigerated van truck

    The JAC refrigerated van truck is powered by a diesel engine, which provides sufficient power to drive the vehicle and operate the refrigeration system. The engine is coupled with a manual or automatic transmission, depending on the specific model.

    JAC 5 meters refrigerated van truck

    The truck’s cabin is designed to provide a comfortable and safe driving experience for the driver. It is equipped with features such as air conditioning, power windows, and a radio. Additionally, the truck has safety features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, and a rearview camera to help the driver navigate the vehicle safely.

    JAC 5 meters refrigerated van truck

    Overall, the JAC refrigerated van truck is a reliable and efficient option for transporting temperature-sensitive goods over short to medium distances. With different sizes and features, it can cater to various businesses that require refrigerated transportation solutions.

    JAC 5 meters refrigerated van truck

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