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Fence Cleaning equipment on water truck
  • Front mounted truck Fence Cleaning equipment
  • Fence Cleaning truck
  • Fence Cleaning machine
  • road Fence Cleaning machine
  • 高速道路フェンス洗浄機
  • Road Fence Cleaning brush
  • Road Fence Cleaning vehicle
  • Road Fence Cleaning truck
  • Road Fence Cleaning Equipment
  • ロードフェンスクリーニングトラック / 中国からの設備

    1. Power Supply: PTO

    2. Working: hydraulic motor

    3. タイプ: truck mounted

    4. 応用: ウォータートラック, 掃除人, cleaning truck...

    5. Road Fence Cleaning machine / Equipement for truck

    • 仕様書

    ロードフェンスクリーニングトラック / Equipement from China for highway or city road fence cleaning.

    Fence Cleaning equipment on water truck

    This is the equipment mounted on a dongfeng water truck. Check the picture above.

    And a full working video below of the road fence cleaning truck. Check it below.

    Others more pictures of the road fence cleaning machines.

    Front mounted truck Fence Cleaning equipment

    Fence Cleaning machine

    Technical parameters of road fence cleaning equipment.

    (Please confirm the vehicle can supply voltage parameter 12V / 24V )

    1. Power system: single engine power take-off, no auxiliary engine

    1. Hydraulic system

    System pressure: 4MPA

    System flow: 40L / 分

    Including hydraulic oil tank, フィルタ, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, 分配バルブ, oil cylinder, oil pipe, 等.

    1. Cleaning brush

    Number of cleaning brushes: 2 cylindrical brushes

    Cleaning brush diameter: 650んん

    Cleaning brush length: 1000んん

    Speed of cleaning brush: 250-450 rpm

    Cleaning brush material: stick cloth

    Cleaning speed: 2-10 km / h (according to the degree of contamination, the working speed can be controlled at will)

    1. Cleaning arm track adjustment

    Swivel range of external cleaning brush: 90 degrees

    Cleaning arm length: 1000んん

    Up and down range of cleaning arm: 0-1.5メートル

    1. Water spray system: original car water supply system

    1. Control system

    Electric and hydraulic remote (マニュアル) control, the operator can easily clean through the joystick (wireless remote control). Operator: 1 person


    Features of road fence cleaning equipment.


    (1) The rolling brush structure/ equipment is located in front of the cab, and the operator can operate it directly and clearly in Cab.


    (2) The roller brush car structure can be fixed to the left front or right front of the cab, respectively, and can clean the guardrails on the left and right sides of the urban highway.


    (3) Double roller brush operation, which can be cleaned on one side; it can also be cleaned by turning over the guardrail, which has high cleaning efficiency, fast operation speed, and its operation speed. The degree is 3-20 km / h.


    (4) High-pressure water flow cleaning, efficient water saving, the guardrail can be washed 5 に 8 kilometers per ton of water.


    (5) The unique design of the bristles, leaving no dead corners and scratches on the paint surface. Long-term cleaning can also form a protective film to extend the protection

    The service life of the bar.


    (6) Using chassis power to ensure the stability of the cleaning car while saving energy.


    (7) Can be installed with a variety of truck chassis, such as sprinklers, self-lifting trucks, road sweepers, 等.


    (8) The cleaning vehicle has advanced technology, reasonable design, safe use, energy saving and environmental protection, and stable and reliable work.


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