いすずギガ 3 車軸真空下水 & クリーニングトラック


いすずギガ 3 車軸真空下水 & クリーニングトラック

Isuzu vacuum sewage waste truck

Isuzu GIGA is the newest and most advanced truck model of Isuzu made in China. And the above picture is いすゞ Giga 3 車軸真空下水 & cleaning truck with a 16000 liters waste water / sewage tank and a 2000 liters cleaning water tank.

Isuzu Giga vacuum sewage waste truck

Nearly about 2 months production, all finished and passed the inspection process successfully. And it will be soonly sent to the port for delivery.

Isuzu Giga sewage waste truck

For more pictures and detailed parameters, please contact our sales people.

Isuzu Giga vacuum sewage truck

Here below is the deliver short video, please engjoy it:

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