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  • fresh milk transport truck
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  • STAINLESS STEEL fresh milk tank truck
  • ハウ 8000 liters fresh milk transport truck
  • ハウ 8000 リットルの新鮮な牛乳タンク輸送トラック
  • STAINLESS STEEL fresh milk tank vehicle
  • ハウ 8000 リットルの新鮮な牛乳タンク輸送トラック

    1. ブランド: ハウ

    2. エンジン: 290 馬力

    3. タンク: 8000 リットル

    4. 原点: 中国

    5. Fresh Milk tank transport

    • 仕様書

    Aluminum alloy fresh milk transport truck

    ハウ 8000 リットルの新鮮な牛乳タンク輸送トラック. High standard and perfect performance in China market and the world, it can represent the highest truck standard, it can reserve your belong.

    Aluminum alloy fresh milk tank truck

    Stainless steel tank is the standard configuration for fresh milk transport, food class 304-2B steel sheet. All others are this kind of material, including valve, パイプ, Welding wire, washing equipment, anti-wave board, マンホール, フィルタ…

    china fresh milk transport truck

    Milk transporter tank assembly: The whole body is divided into three layers, the tank body is made of 304/2B food grade stainless steel, the thickness of the board is 3-4mm, the middle part is polyurethane foam insulation, the thickness is 80mm, Xinjiang and The northwestern region ranges from 100-120mm, and the polyurethane foam in the semi-hanging manhole is 60mm thick. The heat preservation effect is 24 hours ± 2-3 °C. The outermost part of the tank is a 2mm thick 304 stainless steel plate. The inner part of the inner part has a cleaning device, a cleaning rod (or a cleaning ball), a cleaning tube (Φ38 mm), four or more rotating cleaning nozzles, and an external water pipe, and the tank body can be automatically cleaned with a slight pressure.

    sinotruk fresh milk transport truck

    Milk tank transport vehicles, also known as fresh milk transport vehicles, milk tank trucks, liquid milk transport vehicles, liquid food transport vehicles, 等, are vehicles that transport fresh liquid milk.

    cab view of Dongfeng D3L 3 xcmgの車軸トラック 12 トンクレーン

    More other like the parameters of the chassis or the body, お気軽にお問い合わせください. THanks.


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