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輸出用Howo 5000Lごみ圧縮機トラック


front view of howo garbage compactor truck

Howo 5000L garbage compactor truck, this is the first unit garbage compactor truck which our customer bought from us. For the sample order or others consideration, the customer give a quick order confirmation only within 1 days from the first contact between us. Thanks the support, and we will show you the best quality trucks made by us. And we believe we will win more orders from this customer.

side view of howo garbage compactor truck

What is Compactor garbage truck? コンパクターごみ収集車は、リアローダーごみ収集車とも呼ばれます, garbage compression truck, garbage collection truck, which is a commom used waste or dust / ガベージコレクション車両.

side view of howo garbage compactor truck

The rear view of this howo 5cbm garbage compactor truck.

rear view of howo garbage compactor truck

What’s the main parts of garbage compactor truck?

コンパクターごみ収集車は、密封された廃棄物コンテナで構成されています, 回収タンク, 油圧システム, およびオペレーティングシステム. オプションのリアハンギングバケット回転機構またはゴミ捨て機構. そして、関連するシャーシは東風を選択できます, ハウ, JAC, JMC, いすゞ, 写真, … すべての中国のトラックブランド.

howo compactor hydraulic & control pipe

control panel of howo garbage compactor truck

The automatic control box with PLC of the compression garbage truck has a manual / automatic switch on it. If it hits automatic, except for the device for turning the barrel at the tail, other compression functions are automatically operated, and can be Secondary automatic cycle or continuous automatic cycle function.

different kinds of garbage collect styles

These are the different garbage buckets, 缶, bins the compactor can collect from, or some others for some special containers, we can make the custom design. Just contact us.

Howo 5000L garbage compactor truck detail shows

Some detail shows the quality of the compactor made in our factory. In above, the high desity & high pressure hydraulic oil pipe, multiway valve & oil pump. Also the siemens circuit operation, hydraulic cylinders can be automatic retraction.

Howo 5000L garbage compactor truck rear detail shows

Different kinds of garbage tipping mechanism in the rear, and the sealing device by the hydraulic lock.

Not only Howo, others like Dongfeng, いすゞ, シャクマン, ジャック, … any china brands trucks we can make, here we say for the upstructure we can make.So, any questions or problems you meet, お問い合わせください, we will show the details we treat or how we solve them. ありがとう & have a nice day.

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