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Fuel refueling gun for refueling truck

1. 名前: Fuel refueling gun

2. フロー: 0-60L / 分

3. Gun body: Aluminum alloy

4. Use medium: gasoline, ディーゼル, 灯油, 等.

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Fuel refueling gun

Main features of Fuel refueling gun for refueling truck

1. Refueling machine accessories, self-sealing refueling gun, Zhengxing / Hengshan and other well-known brand machine manufacturers are specially equipped. It is the best, top-level and most durable ordinary self-sealing refueling gun.

2. Commonly used size 3/4 or commonly known as 6 points Oil outlet: (Large port is suitable for diesel size 15/16 “, inner port is about 19mm)

3. 4 points oil outlet (small port is suitable for gasoline size 13/16 “inner port is about 16mm) can be freely selected, weighs 1.25KG

4. Flow 0-60L / min Working pressure 0.18MPa

5. There is still a trick to test whether the self-sealing of the oil gun is effective. Professionals know that I want to share with friends. I hope everyone can learn to judge: Snap the oil gun switch to any gear, and cover the muzzle with a finger. Seal the oil outlet with (mouth / mouth) and pump / inhale. The switch of the gun immediately jumps off and closes. There is a very clear soundclick”, indicating that the self-sealing is normal, and other several flow rates can be tested by this method.

6. Gun body: Aluminum alloy Seal: Fluorine rubber and oil-resistant nitrile rubber

7. Use medium: gasoline, ディーゼル, 灯油, 等.

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