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Foton mini food truck supplier
  • ファーストフード用のFotonミニフードトラック
  • Foton mini food truck catering vehicle
  • rear view of foton mini food truck
  • ice cream machine on food truck
  • electricity control system on food truck
  • 高速ケータリング用のFotonミニフードトラック

    1. 型番: ClW5050FSTF3

    2. GVW: 5500kg

    3. エンジン: 90kw

    4. サイズ: 5800x2000x2600mm

    5. 名前: 高速ケータリング用のFotonミニフードトラック

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    高速ケータリング用のFotonミニフードトラック, for fast food, instant cookies, noodles, アイスクリーム, coffee, tea, cold & hot drinks, or the special delicious chinese cookieswe are the manufacturer & supplier of mobile food truck. We can offer you the best food truck like 東風 mobile food truck, ハウ mobile food truck, Jac mobile food truck, いすゞ mobile food truck, Faw mobile food truck, big or small we can, just contact us freely.

    Foton mini food truck catering vehicle

    The side open windows for the selling of the goods.

    Foton mini food truck supplier

    Configuration details of this foton food truck :
    1 Carriage material: stainless steel plate in the outer cold plate, the middle sandwich is flame-retardant material, thickness is about 5cm, and the floor is aluminum plate.
    2 Car Body Appearance: Three sides of the car body are available for sale and sale. The rear door can be opened on the front and the side can be opened. The color of the car can be selected.
    3, 1 locker
    4, top skylight with exhaust fan 1
    5, top spotlights 10
    6, multi-function power amplifier 1
    7, surface mounted switch socket
    8, Toolbox 2
    9,15 meters external power cord
    10,105A battery 1
    11, 2 loudspeakers

    ice cream machine on food truck

    The inside stainless platform with the icecream machine and handwash basin.

    rear view of foton mini food truck

    We can do the up structure according to customersneed or special design. Only send us the business scope of the fast truck you want to, then we will give you a drawing for the design. Just contact us freely for your idea

    As more other details like the picture or related parameters of this Foton mini food truck for fast catering , plsは直接お問い合わせください:郵便物: sales@cl-spv.comまたはwechat / whatsapp: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com


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