写真 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック
  • Foton 8x4 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック
  • 写真オーマン 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック
  • 写真 12 wheels refrigerated VEHICLE
  • Foton Auman EST 8x4 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック
  • Foton EST 8x4 refrigerated truck
  • Foton EST 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック
  • Foton Auman 8x4 refrigerated truck
  • Foton Auman EST 8x4 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック
  • Foton Auman EST 8×4 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック

    1. 写真オーマン 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック

    2. エンジン: ISGe5-360

    3. サイズ: 12000*2600*3950んん

    4. ボックス: 9500*2450*2500んん

    5. Tempreture: +5 celsius~-18 celsius

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    写真 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック

    Foton Auman EST 8×4 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック, the most powerful refrigerated van truck. We are the professional refrigerated truck manufacturer, 工場, サプライヤー.

    Foton 8x4 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック

    The main parameters of this Foton 8×4 冷蔵トラック:

    Foton Auman EST: BJ5319XLC
    車両サイズ: 12000 × 2600 × 3950mm
    Cabinet size: 9480 × 2450 × 2500mm
    カミンズ エンジン (ISGe5-430)
    力 / 馬力: 316kw / 430 馬力

    写真オーマン 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック

    トラック BOX DIMENSION (L x W x H) (んん): We can make it ccroding to your requirement


    Insulated body panels

    Floor and roof FRP+PU+FRP 100mm thickness(customized)
    Rear double doors FRP+PU+FRP 100mm thickness(customized)
    Front panels FRP+PU+FRP 100mm thickness(customized)
    Side panels FRP+PU+FRP 100mm thickness(customized)
    Side door panels FRP+PU+FRP 100mm thickness(customized)




    Sub frame Steel (mitsubish chassis)
    Rear doorframe Stainless steel
    Rear door hardware (locks ,hinges lock bar) Stainless steel
    Side doorframe Stainless steel
    Side door hardware (locks ,hinges lock bar) Stainless steel
    Seal strips 標準
    Fender apron Aluminum Standard
    Wrap angle& empennage 標準
    Stand column Aluminum Standard
    Aluminum profile Aluminum Standard
    Top inside the lamp 導いた
    Floor panels Aluminum decorative pattern(2.0んん)
    その他のパーツ sealant,rivet,drain-pipe,bumping post and so on
    Standard configuration and installed as a whole when shipped


    Foton Auman 8x4 refrigerated truck


    Technical Data for Refrigerator Freezer Unit:

    ブランド: Hanxue, Hanya, Kaili, Lengwang/Thermo King
    Temperature rating in container -18°C~+25°C
    Cooling capacity(W) 800(-18°C) 1200(-18°C)
    Volume of container() 2~5(-18°C) 5~9(-18°C)
    Voltage DC12/24V
    Compressor SD5H11 SD5H14
    Refrigerant R404a 1.0~1.1kg R404a 1.3~1.4kg
    Dimension of Evaporator 510*600*138んん 550*695*165んん
    Dimension of Condenser 865*700*185んん 1020*865*210んん

    Foton EST 12 ホイール冷蔵トラック

    Foton Auman 8×4 48cbm freezing truck, is also called freezing truck, refreshment truck, refrigerated and insulated truck, medicine and vaccine carrier, is a kind of used to transport frozen or fresh goods enclosed van truck, is a special transport vehicle equipped with refrigeration unit and polyurethane insulating box. It is commonly used to transport frozen food, 乳製品, seafood, 野菜, 果物, ワクチン, 薬物, 等, mostly used in pharmaceutical companies, supermarkets, cold storage, food factory, pharmaceutical factory.

    写真 12 wheels refrigerated VEHICLE

    Product notes:
    1. We can produce various load capacity refrigerated truck from 540kg to 20000kg, from 6m3 to 50m3.
    2. Cooling temperature can reach +5 に -18 度.
    3. you can choose well-known domestic and imported refrigeration units, such as America Thermo king, America Carrier, China HANA, China Kaixue, China Songhan, 等.
    4. Factory direct sale, low price and high quality.

    Our factory passed ISO9001-2008 quality system, our products all passed 3C certificate, it’s well-known products.Our company have more than 10 year professional experience.

    Any others, please contact us directly.


    商品名:Foton Auman 8x4 48cbm freezing truck
    項目 detail parameter
    車両 型番 CLW5319XLC
    全体寸法(L*W*H/mm) 12000*2600*3950
    Upper box body size(L*W*H/mm) 9480*2450*2500
    passenger allowed in cab 2 または 3 人
    Gross weight(kgs) 31000
    ペイロード(kgs) 17470
    縁石重量(kgs) 13400
    Front overhang/rear overhang(んん) 1450/2700
    Approach/departure angel(°) 17/10
    軸重(kgs) 6500/6500/18000
    Traction system 8*4
    wheel base(んん) 1800+4700+1350
    マックス・スピード(km / h) 100
    シャシー ブランド Foton automobile co. LTD
    モデル BJ1319VNPKJ-AA
    Tire specification 12.00R20
    Tire no. 12+1(予備の)
    Front wheel distance(んん) 2010
    Rear wheel distance(んん) 1860
    伝染;感染 マニュアル
    エンジン 型番 ISGe5-360
    メーカー Beijing foton cummins power co.,ltd
    fuel type ディーゼル
    馬力(kw/hp) 265/360
    Exhaust(ml) 11800
    排出基準 ユーロ 3/4/5
    Body parameter Dimension of panel

    Length 0-18000mm

    Width 0-3000mm

    Height 0-3000mm

    Standard thickness Our standard thickiness is 80mm. But the thickness can be changed according to customer's requirements, like 60mm and 100mm
    Body material inside and outside:FRP/color steel panel/aluminium alloy/Stainless steel

    middle:80mm polyurethane foam/XPS

    Compartment structure Don’t open at the top, rear door opening , with one side door, with stainless door frames and door accessory
    Advantage 1)It is good at strength and long life

    2)Non-corrosion, non-pollution, anti-brine, acid and soda-resisting

    3)Easy to be assembled and repaired at site

    Refrigerated unit parameter Refrigerator brand

    Thermo king, origin USA

    Carrier, origin USA

    HANA,origin China

    カイシュエ, origin China

    Songhan,origin China


    Cooling temperature +5 celsius~-18 celsius
    冷蔵トラック , , , , ,

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