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2000 リットルの糞便吸引トラック
  • Forland fecal suction truck
  • Foton fecal suction truck
  • フォーランド 2000 リットルの糞便吸引トラック
  • 写真 2000 リットルの糞便吸引トラック
  • 写真 2000 リットルの糞便吸引トラック

    1. 型番: CLW5044GXEB3

    2. GVW: 4300kg

    3. エンジン: 88HP

    4. タンカー: 2000 リットル

    5. サイズ: 5220x1880x2350 mm

    6. Usage: For the suction of Feces, 下水, スラッジ, and liquids with minor suspended debris

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    • シャーシパラメータ

    写真 2000 リットルの糞便吸引トラック

    Foton Forland fecal suction truck chassis configuration:

    This truck adopts Foton forland chassis, Foton Cummins 118 hp engine, 5-speed gearbox, 3360 (んん) ホイールベース, 1.5 tons front axle / 3 tons rear axle, external dimensions 5995×2080×2230 (んん), tank Size 3000 × 1180 × 780 (んん), the actual volume of the tank 2 立方メートル.

    フォーランド 2000 リットルの糞便吸引トラック

    Foton Forland fecal suction truck conversion configuration:

    The tank volume is 2 立方メートル. The tank body is made of 5mm thick high-quality carbon steel. It is resistant to high pressure container tanks. It adopts the domestic well-known brand Yifeng pump, Veyron pump, with the excrement window, 圧力計付, self-priming and self-priming. . The special part of the suction truck consists of power take-off devices, drive shafts, vacuum manure pumps, water and gas separators, oil and gas separators, multi-way reversing valves, booms (360° rotation), manure tanks, and manure release valves. Pneumatic strut open), suction pipe, clear water tank, as the fecal window, vacuum pressure gauge, pipe network system and other components.

    Forland fecal suction truck

    The vacuum suction truck is used to pump manure, 下水, sludge slurry and liquids mixed with small suspended debris. It has the features of self-priming, long life, high working speed and convenient transportation. Filling the manure tank time: ≤ 5min, suction process: ≤ 8m. Widely used in large, medium and small towns of sanitation, municipal, agricultural, 化学薬品, 産業および鉱業企業, residential areas, vacuum suction pump can be self-priming. The model’s standard configuration is a suction pipe boom with a swivel seat, a suction pipe of 5 メートル, a self-drain, and the other equipped with a view of the feces, cleaning devices, oil-water separators, vacuum pumps, anti-overflow valves.

    Foton fecal suction truck

    Foton Forland fecal suction truck special performance:

    Suction trucks mainly pump and transport manure and other sewage to urban and rural sanitation departments. Suitable for manure extraction, 下水, sludge slurry and liquids mixed with minor suspended debris, suitable for municipal sanitation, large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises, communities, 学校, septic tank clean-up and transfer, city pipeline cleaning and dredging, factory marshing Liquid residue cleaning.
    Suction truck vacuum pump power comes from the chassis engine.

    The engine is transmitted to the vacuum pump via gearboxes, power take-offs and driveshafts. During the suction operation, the vacuum pump extracts the air in the sealed tank to form a negative pressure. The atmospheric pressure outside the tank is used to press the dirt into the tank through the suction pipe. When the sewage is drained, the vacuum pump will put atmospheric pressure outside the tank into the tank and use the air pressure to discharge the dirt out of the tank (the vacuum pump’s continuous working time generally does not exceed 30 minutes).

    2000 リットルの糞便吸引トラック

    Forland is the light duty series of foton truck chassis, for this 2000 liters fecal suction truck is a well accepted vacumm suction truck mainly for the public sanitation toilet or other sewages waters

    As more other details like the picture or related parameters of Foton 2000 リットルの糞便吸引トラック , plsは直接お問い合わせください:郵便物: sales@cl-spv.comまたはwechat / whatsapp: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com


    Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5044GXEB3
    Main technical data of a manure vehicle
    商品名: Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5044GXEB3 Type dung truck 外寸 (んん): 5135, 5385× 1880× 2350
    シャーシモデル: BJ1042 貨物箱サイズ (んん): ××
    総品質 (kg): 4294 近接 / 出発角度 (°) 18/20
    定格品質 (kg): 1800 フロントサスペンション / リアサスペンション (んん): 1115/1270, 1115/1390
    準備の質 (kg): 2364 最大速度 (km / h): 90
    軸重: 1650/2644
    シャーシモデル: BJ1042 シャーシバッチ: 295
    軸番号: 2 燃料タイプ: ディーゼルオイル
    ホイールベース (んん): 2600, 2850 フロントホイールベース (んん): 1345
    定格乗客: 1800 後部ホイールベース (んん): 1240, 1280
    タイヤ数: 6 ばねの数: 7/5+3
    排出基準: gb17691 - 2005 ユーロⅤ, gb3847 - 2005
    タイヤ仕様: 6.00-15LT 10PR, 6.00R15LT 10PR
    エンジンモデル エンジン生産企業 変位 (ML) 力 (kw)
    Anhui Quan Chai power Limited by Share Ltd 2270
    1, the effective volume of the tank: 2.36 立方メートル, the shape size of the tank (長いです * 長軸 * 短軸) / ホイールベース / vehicle length corresponding to (んん): (2600 * 1400 * 950) /2600/5135, (2800 * 1300 * 900) 2850/5385.2, 保護材: Q235A, 接続モード: side protection and vice beam welding connection, rear protection and frame welding connection, rear protection section ruler Inch (んん): 200 * 50, 地面の高さに対する後部保護 (んん): 500.3, ABS system controller model is CM4YL (4 Channel 4 wheel alone control), ABS system controller production enterprise is Guangzhou Comet automotive electronic control technology Limited by Share Ltd.4, vehicle color, text spraying and local details can change.5, the car can choose 6.00-15LT 10PR, 6. R15LT 10PR specifications of the tires.

    2000 リットルの糞便吸引トラック

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