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  • 東風トンネル清掃トラック,壁清掃トラック
  • 東風トンネル清掃トラック,壁清掃トラック

    1. 型番: CLW5160GQXD5

    2. GVW: 16000KG

    3. エンジン: Cuumins 210HP

    4. 水槽: 6000 リットル

    5. サイズ: 8500x2500x3500mm

    6. 東風トンネル清掃トラック,壁清掃トラック

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    東風トンネル清掃トラック,壁清掃トラック, Solar photovoltaic panel cleaning vehicle, Model number: CLW5160GQXD5

    CLW brand wall cleaning vehicle is a special vehicle developed by our company for the cleaning of the tunnel wall surface, and has auxiliary functions such as washing and guardrails. It is especially suitable for cleaning of facades such as highway tunnels, river crossings and viaducts.


    上の写真に示すように, 典型的なウォールクリーナートラックにはシャーシが含まれています, 油圧系, 電気システム , 気道システム , サブフレーム, および回転プラットフォーム, ブームシステム , 給水システム, 水槽, ガードレールとリアプロテクション. ,およびデバイス , 低圧水システム , コントロールルーム, 等がこすり洗いされる.

    China tunnel washing truck,壁清掃トラック


    There are three operation modes: “left flushing”, “right flushing”, そして “tunnel cleaning”, which can meet the needs of different cleaning operations across the road. The operating device is independently driven by the auxiliary engine, and the operation process is not affected by the speed of the main vehicle. The operator can freely adjust the speed of the engine according to the pollution of the tunnel to achieve the best operating results.

    Roller brush can have good cleaning effect under different working conditions, and can also reduce operating costs. The central high-pressure water pump and auxiliary engine are arranged in series, the structure is compact, the volume of the clean water tank is large, and the working time is longer than that of similar products.

    The job control device is composed of three systems: electronic control, hydraulic pressure, and pneumatic. With PLC programming technology, the operator’s cab can perform all actions in the room, reducing the stress caused by the cumbersome operation information of the driving operator. For humanity.

    The oil level display table is set in the cab to dynamically understand the oil level of the fuel tank to prevent the auxiliary engine from stopping due to lack of oil and flame. The low water level alarm system is set in the water tank and is automatically alarmed when there is no water to prevent the water pump from being damaged due to lack of water. .

    The cleaning device adopts an intelligent adjustment system. An ultrasonic sensor is installed at the upper end of the scrubbing to detect the state between the scrubbed and cleaned wall in real time. The angle between the slewing platform and the wall is timely adjusted according to the detected data to ensure that the scrub and the wall are maintained. The best condition; it can clean the wall quickly and efficiently, and avoid the washing mechanism from hitting the wall surface.

    Dongfeng tunnel washing truck,壁清掃トラック

    The cleaning system adopts a combination of roller brush scrubbing and cloud high-pressure water cleaning to enhance the cleaning effect and save water consumption compared with pure high-pressure water washing. The unique three-group cleaning brush design can clean the sides of the tunnel wall in a single direction. 同時に, it also has the features of simple operation and convenient operation, wider operation range, maximum cleaning height of the equipment up to 10m, single maximum cleaning range of 3.9m, and fixed distance function to ensure constant contact between the roller brush and the tunnel wall at any time. Ensure the cleaning effect, convenient operation; unique pneumatic roller brush obstacle avoidance function, シンプル, practical, 信頼性のある, and the size of the obstacle avoidance force is adjustable; the control system uses the computer intelligent system, can complete the control in the cab, but also in the driving outside Remote control operation; the water tank is designed with a large capacity of 9m3, which can meet the long-distance cleaning operation of the tunnel; the brush plate of special materials can be manufactured to avoid damage to the tunnel wall.

    Dongfeng Solar photovoltaic panel cleaning vehicle

    The water tank water level display system is perfectly combined with the automatic alarm system to ensure the safety and efficiency of construction operations. In addition, the front end of the vehicle can be equipped with guardrail cleaning devices, aerial work platforms, spray dust-removal devices, 等. to facilitate the cleaning of the multifunctional cleaning in tunnels.

    Dongfeng noise screen cleaning vehicle

    As more other details like the picture or related parameters of Dongfeng tunnel cleaning truck,壁清掃トラック , plsは直接お問い合わせください:郵便物: sales@cl-spv.comまたはwechat / whatsapp: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com

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