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  • xcmgクレーンが付いているオフロードトラックの東風

    1. 型番: CLW5180JSQEQ

    2. ブランド: CLW

    3. GVW(Kg): 18000

    4. サイズ(んん): 8360×2500×3800

    5. クレーン: 10 tons XCMG

    6. xcmgクレーンが付いているオフロードトラックの東風

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    xcmgクレーンが付いているオフロードトラックの東風, this is the military class dongfeng chassis and equipped with famouse XCMG 10 tons straight arm crane.

    The four-wheel drive truck crane is mainly used for road conditions such as rainy roads, deserts, mountains, snow, 等. In order to prevent the wheels from slipping, the four wheels of the truck crane can get the driving force of the engine, あれは, The engine’s power is transmitted to four wheels. Once the road conditions are not good (here, the wheels are slipping), the Dongfeng 153 four-wheel drive crane has a considerable improvement in passing capacity.

    Dongfeng off road military truck with xcmg crane

    Special-purpose vehicles such as four-wheel drive off-road Xugong truck-mounted cranes have front and rear axle driving forces, which are mainly suitable for driving on mountain roads, improving the passage on wet and icy roads and uneven roads, and climbing up steep slopes that cannot be climbed by two-wheel drive vehicles. The turning force is increased, the performance of the wet road surface and the lane change is improved, the starting and acceleration performance of the vehicle is improved, and the ability of the wheel to resist external disturbance is enhanced, so the four-wheel drive shows superior directional stability.

    Dongfeng off road truck with crane

    シャーシ構成: 東風 153 (CPB12) wide body cab, 4×4 drive, ISB190 50 country five engine, caries six gearbox, 4500mmホイールベース, 10.00R20 tires, Dongfeng commercial axle, front axle 3.8 トン, after 10 tons of bridge, double girders, with direction assistance, エアブレーキ, 電気ガラス, with ABS.

    Dongfeng off road truck chassis

    Whole Truck Parameters:

    型番: CLW5180JSQEQ

    ブランド: CLW



    速度(キロ/時): 90

    xcmgクレーンが付いているオフロードトラックの東風, also called dongfeng 4wd truck with crane, dongfeng military truck with crane, dongfeng all wheel dive truck with crane



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