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  • Dongfeng bucket lift kitchen garbage truck
  • 東風新式生ごみ収集車
  • Dongfeng kitchen garbage transport truck
  • China kitchen garbage truck
  • Dongfeng kitchen garbage truck
  • 東風新式生ごみ収集車

    1. 型番: ClW5070KGT3

    2. GVW: 7500KG

    3. エンジン: 4102

    4. POWER: 110HP

    5. BRAND: CLW

    • 仕様書


    The new Dongfeng Dolika Kitchen garbage truck, Installed by the tank, backdoor mechanism, sealing locking mechanism, push plate mechanism, hanging barrel mechanism and operating mechanism composition.

    Dongfeng bucket lift kitchen garbage truck

    ① Kitchen garbage loading by the garbage bucket lifting system, the system has a garbage bucket lock structure, loading and unloading safe and reliable. Trash bins and garbage input mouth to connect well, to ensure that the loading and unloading process of Chinese kitchen waste does not overflow, do not miss. There is enough distance between the garbage input port and the push plate, the push plate and the tank body surface with a sealing device, to avoid the cooking waste input process and separation process overflow to the rear of the push plate.
    Hydraulic system consists of pumps, hydraulic valves and sequential valves, as well as a variety of functions of hydraulic cylinders, high and low pressure piping.

    ②The tank is divided into two layers, the lower layer is solid liquid separation after the sewage collection box, the sewage tank is high at both ends, the middle is low, the lowest end is equipped with outlet, to ensure that the sewage discharge clean.

    Dongfeng kitchen garbage transport truck
    ③ with body cleaning function, configure automatic return reel.
    Main features of the introduction: The barrel kitchen swill waste is slowly lifted by a special lifting frame, poured into the compartment at the top of the car (the trunk can be divided into boxes and tanks), the garbage dropped through a powerful push plate extrusion, in the tank to achieve solid-liquid separation, separated liquid into the tank at the bottom of the sewage tank, solid waste is compressed stored in the tank, So repeated to fill the meal to the kitchen Waste resources optimization treatment plant.

    China kitchen garbage truck
    High-matching models can be selected heating system, weighing system, closed discharge system.

    Dongfeng kitchen garbage truck

    追加: Chengli Ind. ゾーン, Zengdu Dist。, 随州, 湖北, 中国

    MB: +86 188 72992009 wechat&whatsapp
    ウェブ: www.cl-spv.com

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