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  • 東風合同下水道浚渫車
  • Dongfeng Sewer washing and cleaning vehicle
  • Dongfeng Sewer dredging truck
  • Dongfeng Sewer dredging vehicle
  • Dongfeng Joint dredging and cleaning vehicle
  • Dongfeng high pressure washing and suction vehicle
  • high pressure valve
  • Dongfeng high pressure washing and cleaning vehicle
  • 東風合同下水道浚渫車

    1. ブランド: 東風

    2. ドライブ: 4x2 LHD/RHD

    3. サイズ: 7500x2300x2500mm

    4. ホイールベース: 3800んん

    5. Dongfeng Joint dredging and cleaning vehicle

    • 仕様書


    The joint dredging truck is also called a sewer dredging vehicle. This vehicle is a new type of sanitation special vehicle that combines the functions of a high-pressure cleaning truck and a suction truck. The highlight function of the truck is a sewer blockage area that cannot be reached by manpower, so it is called a joint dredging truck. . Other functions of the truck are floor washing, sewage and sewage, landscaping and so on.


    The working principle is that after the suction pipeline system absorbs the accumulated water in the sewer, the vehicle winch is placed at a constant speed on the high-pressure pipeline, and the rotating force of the high-pressure flushing pipeline makes the high-pressure flushing pipeline enter the sewer blockage area that cannot be reached by the manpower, and the high-pressure punching operation is performed. Through the suction pipeline to minimize the coverage of water and dirt on the blocked area, the best breakthrough effect can be achieved, and the purpose of dredging the sewer can be achieved.

    Dongfeng Sewer washing and cleaning vehicle

    The joint dredging vehicle is composed of a car chassis, a power take-off, a clean water tank, a sewage suction tank, a high-pressure water pump, a vacuum pump, a hydraulic control device, a mechanical winch device, a high-pressure flushing pipe, a vacuum suction pipe, and a sewage system.

    Dongfeng Sewer dredging vehicle

    最初, the chassis, the joint dredging truck uses the Dongfeng special vehicle chassis, the more widely used is the Dongfeng Duolika joint dredging truck, Dongfeng Tianjin combined with dredging vehicles.
    二番目, the tank body, the joint dredging tank tank storage tank is welded with 4-6MM carbon steel plate, the tank body is 6-10MM carbon steel, the tank head is made of 10-12MM, and the interior can be made by customer. Anti-corrosion treatment is required.
    3. Special power unit, high pressure water pump, vacuum pump, sewage dumping and dumping device
    4. The pipeline system consists of a pipeline, a water inlet, a self-flow port, a sewage outlet, a high-pressure flushing pipe, a suction pipe, and a hydraulic control pipe.
    5. Operating system: The high-pressure water pump, vacuum pump and hydraulic pump are driven by the special vehicle chassis through the power take-off. The hydraulic control pipe of the hydraulic pump is used to realize the system control of the high-pressure water pump vacuum pump winch.

    Dongfeng Joint dredging and cleaning vehicle

    最初, high-pressure flushing function: water pressure ≥16 Mpa working length ≥60 m sprinkling amplitude ≥10 m high-level washing height ≥15 m
    二番目, the suction function: the depth of suction is ≥ 7 メートル, the dumping angle of the sewage tank is 45 degrees;
    三番, the winch: stranding force ≥ 10 KN working length ≥ 60 メートル

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