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東風 5 cbm下水吸引トラック
  • duolika 5 cbm下水吸引トラック
  • 中国 5 cbm下水吸引トラック
  • 5 cbm sewage suction truck made in chengli
  • 5 cbm sewage suction truck supplier
  • 5 cbm sewage suction truck manufacturer
  • Dongfeng duolika 5 cbm下水吸引トラック

    1. 型番: CLW5080XWXG3
    2. エンジン: 120HP
    3. タンク容量: 5000 リットル
    4. GVW: 8500KG
    5. サイズ: 6500x2150x2600mm
    6. 輸送媒体: sewage, fecal, septic, sludge,...

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    東風 5 cbm下水吸引トラック

    Dongfeng duolika 5 cbm下水吸引トラック, directly from the factory and manufacturer.

    Dongfeng sewage suction turck is the most popular accepted garbage truck in abroad market or domestic. It’s the high cost effective sewage truck in the market.

    duolika 5 cbm下水吸引トラック

    Dongfeng classical white cab with 120 horse power disel engine, 3800mmホイールベース, 5000 liters tank capacity, 5mm high quality carbon steel with 6mm thickness rear head.

    中国 5 cbm下水吸引トラック

    Brands of sewage suction truck

    Dongfeng sewage suction truck, JAC sewage suction truck, Howo sewage suction truck, Isuzu sewage suction truck, JMC sewage suction truck, FAW sewage suction truck, …

    Special different from fecal suction truck

    The sewage suction truck has the same principle as the suction truck, but the sewage suction truck has different uses with the suction truck. The difference lies in the fact that the suction truck body is a circular tank and has a tighter structure and can withstand higher pressures to provide greater suction. It can be used to collect and clean up the transportation sewage and sludge. The dirt in the tank can be dumped directly through the rear cover, with a high degree of vacuum (more suction than a suction truck), a large tonnage, 高効率, and a wider range of uses.


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