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D9 bucket lift garbage truck
  • 東風D9バケットリフトごみ収集車
  • Dongfeng bucket lift garbage truck
  • Dongfeng bucket lift tank garbage truck
  • Dongfeng Tank Garbage truck
  • DFAC Tank Garbage truck
  • Dongfeng new design Tank Garbage truck
  • Dongfeng 8cbm Tank Garbage truck
  • 東風D9タンクごみ収集車

    1. 型番: CLW5162TCAE3

    2. タクシー: 東風D9

    3. タンク: 8000 リットル

    4. 関数: Side bucket lift

    5. メーカー: チェングリ

    • 仕様書

    D9 bucket lift garbage truck
    東風D9タンクごみ収集車, 8000 liters tanker garbage truck.


    Dngfeng D9 half Cab, choose authentic Yuchai 160 horsepower/Cummins 180 馬力エンジン, strong horsepower, drive turn, clutch gas booster, original air conditioning, 電気ガラス.

    Dongfeng bucket lift garbage truck

    5mm carbon steel production tank, ボリューム 8.5 square, tank with lifting function, backdoor hydraulic control open off, with hydraulic locking function, pull rod hoist linkage top cover perfect design, collect drip, and configure a variety of throttle valve sequence valve, 等, to give you the most perfect use experience.

    Dongfeng Tank Garbage truck

    Dongfeng D9 cooking / resterant Garbage truck, the largest canned kitchen garbage truck on the market shines on the stage. The model is CLW5162TCAE3.

    DFAC Tank Garbage truck

    Kitchen garbage truck, also known as leftover garbage truck or swill car, kitchen garbage truck is a kind of garbage truck, is used for the collection and transport of domestic waste, 食品廃棄物 (swill) and urban silt special vehicles.

    Dongfeng bucket lift tank garbage truck

    For more details about this kind of tank garbage truck, please cottact us freely.

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