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東風 D7 ゴミ圧縮機トラック
  • 東風D7 5-6 cbmガベージコンパクタートラック
  • Dongfeng real loader
  • Dongfeng real loader garbage truck
  • 東風 5 tons real loader garbage truck
  • 東風 5 tons garbage real loader
  • 東風 6 tons garbage compactor truck
  • 東風 5 tons garbage compactor truck
  • 東風 5 garbage compactor truck
  • 東風D7 5-6 cbmガベージコンパクタートラック

    1. ブランド: 東風

    2. 型番: CLW5070GCRL3

    3. エンジン: チャオチャイ

    4. 馬力: 120HP

    5. 容量: 4-6 cbm

    • 仕様書

    東風D7 5-6 cbmガベージコンパクタートラック

    東風 D7 ゴミ圧縮機トラック

    Dongfeng D7 is the high standard 東風 truck model in light duty series. Standard design with beautiful outside color, it has gotten the hot sale garbage truck honor in the market.

    東風D7 5-6 cbmガベージコンパクタートラック

    Description of Dongfeng D7 5-6 cbmガベージコンパクタートラック

    Rear loader garbage trucks, also known as compression garbage trucks, are special vehicles used for the collection, 交通, and unloading of bagged, barreled, and bulk domestic garbage in cities and towns. The truck is composed of a car chassis, a box, and a filler. , Push plate, sliding plate, scraper, negative pressure plate, oil cylinder and multi-way reversing valve.

    東風 5 tons garbage real loader

    Product advantages of Dongfeng D7 5-6 cbmガベージコンパクタートラック

    (1) The compressed car produced by our company has reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and simple operation. Ordinary sanitation workers can operate independently through simple learning;

    (2) The bodywork specifications are complete, and the bodywork configuration of each model of 6-18 square meters can be selected according to different chassis;

    (3) The auxiliary pressure plate mechanism is a unique patented device of our company. This device can better push the garbage to the car body and prevent the garbage from accumulating in the back of the car body;

    (4) The barrel turning mechanism is diversified, and plastic barrel turning mechanism, iron barrel turning mechanism, triangle bucket mechanism, swing arm mechanism and large landing bucket mechanism can be selected according to the needs to meet the different needs of various users;

    (5) There are many operation modes, including manual, PLC automatic, and wireless remote control.

    This series of models can optionally be equipped with a trash can hydraulic turning mechanism, which is suitable for 120-liter, 140-リットル, 240-liter plastic trash cans and 350-liter metal trash cans.

    東風 5 tons real loader garbage truck

    Brief structure of Dongfeng D7 5-6 cbmガベージコンパクタートラック

    (1) Chengli’s large-scale compression garbage truck box is welded with No. 16 low alloy channel steel and 8mm, 5んん, 4んん, 16Mn steel plates. The channel steel at the bottom of the box is not only the installation and connection basic part of the steel structure, but also the push plate direction. Support. Lightweight maximizes the effective space of the box and reduces the center of gravity of the structure.

    (2) Chengli standard compression garbage truck uses No. 12 low-alloy channel steel welded with 5mm, 4んん, 16Mn steel plates. The box body is fixed on the chassis of the car through a supporting beam.

    (3) The chassis floor is a fully sealed structure, and the sewage is corroded, and all the accumulated water in the trunk leaks into the sewage tank to avoid corrosion of the tank and the chassis of the car, as well as to avoid leakage of sewage to the roadside during driving, which effectively prevents secondary pollution .

    (4) Garbage loader
    Garbage loader, which is composed of frame-shaped frame, guide rail, arc-shaped hopper, scraper, sliding plate, negative pressure plate and light cover. Through the sequential action of the scraper cylinder, the skateboard cylinder and the negative pressure plate, the function of pressing the material in the hopper into the carriage is realized. There are eight rollers on both sides of the skateboard, which have low friction coefficient, 高強度, and can make a small amount of swing, so as to ensure the long-term use of the guide rail without wear.

    The loader is also a sealing device at the rear of the carriage, which realizes opening and closing actions through the lifting cylinder, sliding hinge and locking device.

    The bottom of the loader is equipped with a waste water tank, and the accumulated water in the carriage and the excess water in the hopper flow into the waste water tank. When unloading, all sewage in the sewage tank can be discharged automatically or manually.

    (5) Turnover mechanism
    According to the needs of users, it can be equipped with bucket turning mechanism, plate turning mechanism or bucket turning mechanism. The mechanism adopts hydraulic double-acting double-cylinder turning, and the iron or plastic barrel is locked by the system during the turning process. It is safe and stable with high strength and reasonable structure.
    注意: When the whole vehicle is moving, the mechanism is in an upturned state to facilitate normal driving.

    (6) 油圧系
    The action of the hydraulic oil cylinder of this vehicle adopts the circuit to control the air circuit, the air valve controls the cylinder, the cylinder operates the hydraulic multi-way valve, and the hydraulic multi-way valve controls the action of the oil cylinder. The operation is simple and reliable. 同時に, it also has a manual and direct-operated hydraulic multi-way valve, with a single hydraulic system and two-way control.


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