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東風 8000 liters fecal suction truck
  • Dongfeng fecal suction truck
  • 東風 8000 liters waste water suction truck
  • 8000 liters fecal suction truck
  • Dongfeng waste water suction truck
  • DFAC fecal suction truck
  • 東風 6000 liters fecal suction truck

    1. ブランド: 東風

    2. エンジン: 120 馬力

    3. 燃料: ディーゼル

    4. タンク: 6000 L

    5. ホイールベース: 3800んん

    6. 東風 6000 liters fecal suction truck

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    • シャーシパラメータ

    東風 8000 liters fecal suction truck

    東風 8000 liters fecal suction truck, which is made of Oil water separator, water gas separator, special vacuum suction pump, volume pressure gauge, pipe network system, suction pipe, gravity valve, vacuum tank, connector (visible window), fully automatic anti-overflow valve. Can be called Manure trucks, sewage trucks, sludge trucks and liquids mixed with smaller suspended debris truck.

    Dongfeng fecal suction truck

    This is a classical dongfeng brand chassis, with the engine of 120 馬力, ユーロ 3/4/5 emission for option, and the wheelbase is 3800mm, tank capacity is 6000 リットル, 4mm thickness carbon steel Q 235 material. The whole size is 5995x2100x2650mm.

    東風 8000 liters waste water suction truck

    What is the difference between fecal suction truck and sewage suction truck?

    The key components of the suction truck and the suction truck are vacuum pumps, which use the pressure difference generated by the vacuum pump to carry out the suction. The suction truck adopts a circular tank body, and the rear part can be opened, and the hydraulic cylinder is used to lift the tank body for sewage discharge. The suction truck has a simple structure, adopts an elliptical tank body, and the rear head is sealed, and the pressure generated by the vacuum pump is used for sewage discharge. The above is the biggest difference in the structure of the suction truck and the suction truck.

    Dongfeng waste water suction truck

    The differences between the usage:

    1. Due to the structure and shape of the tank, the vacuum and suction of the suction truck are not as large as that of the suction truck.
    2. The suction truck adopts the pressure difference of the vacuum pump to discharge the sewage, which is limited by the position of the sewage outlet. Large stones cannot be discharged and cannot be used for dredging work of larger blocks.
    3. The suction truck adopts hydraulic top opening and sewage discharge structure, and the sewage discharge efficiency and sewage discharge effect are better.

    8000 liters fecal suction truck

    Specific use occasions

    Using vacuum technology to carry out the pumping operation, it can cleanly and quickly transport the manure and domestic sewage in the septic tanks of public toilets, residential buildings, 等. to the manure storage point or the sewage treatment plant, and if necessary, it can also be used for the transportation of dangerous goods. Large (such as low corrosion and low toxicity) industrial waste liquid is a necessary sanitation vehicle for urban sanitation department and enterprise full-time sanitation.

    シャーシパラメータの詳細または東風の詳細 6000 liters fecal suction truck, plsは私達に自由に連絡します. 0086-188 72992009 sales@cl-spv.com

    Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5070GXET3
    Main technical data of a manure vehicle
    商品名: Cheng Li Wei Brand CLW5070GXET3 Type dung truck 外寸 (んん): 5995× 1980, 2100× 2500, 2650
    シャーシモデル: EQ1072 貨物箱サイズ (んん): ××
    総品質 (kg): 7350 近接 / 出発角度 (°) 24/11, 24/13
    定格品質 (kg): 3615, 3550 フロントサスペンション / リアサスペンション (んん): 1070/1815, 1070/2090, 1180/1705, 1180/1980, 1250/1635, 1250/1910, 1250/1635, 1250/1910, 1280/1605, 1280/1880, 1280/1605, 1280/1880
    準備の質 (kg): 3605 最大速度 (km / h): 90, 80
    シャーシモデル: EQ1072 シャーシバッチ: 304
    軸番号: 2 燃料タイプ: ディーゼルオイル
    ホイールベース (んん): 3300, 3800 フロントホイールベース (んん): 1506, 1590, 1750
    定格乗客: 3615, 3550 後部ホイールベース (んん): 1530, 1586, 1650
    タイヤ数: 6 ばねの数: 8/9+5, 8/10+7, 9/10+8, 6/6+5
    排出基準: gb17691 - 2005 ユーロⅤ, gb3847 - 2005
    タイヤ仕様: 7.00-16LT 14PR, 7.00R16LT 14PR, 7.50-16LT 14PR, 7.50R16LT 14PR
    エンジンモデル エンジン生産企業 変位 (ML) 力 (kw)
    東風朝陽朝陽ディーゼル発電有限会社, 株式会社.
    Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaoyang Chai Power Co., 株式会社.
    Guangxi Yulai machine Limited by Share Ltd
    一汽解放自動車株式会社, 株式会社. 無錫ディーゼルエンジン工場
    1, the effective volume of tank body 4.65 立方メートル, transportation medium: liquid dirt, 密度 800 kilograms per cubic meter, タンク形状サイズ (長いです * 長軸X短軸) です (んん): 3450 * 1600 * 1200; 2, side protection and rear lower protection device all use Q235A material, すべての溶接接続を使用, the rear section protection section size (んん): 220 * 50, rear protection leave Ground height (んん): 540.3, ABSモデル3631010-C2000, manufacturer for East Kolor commercial vehicle braking system (十堰) Co., Ltd..4, テキスト注入位置, vehicle color and local details can be changed.5, キャブのシャーシ選択あり.
    DFAC fecal suction truck
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