中国 5 トンダンプトラック
  • 東風 5 tons dump truck factory
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  • 6 tons dump truck supplier
  • 5 tons dump truck factory
  • 中国 5 トンダンプトラック
  • 東風 6 トンダンプトラック
  • 東風 5 トンダンプトラック
  • 東風 5 トンダンプトラック工場/サプライヤー/メーカー

    1. エンジン: 63 HP - 160 HP

    2. ドライブ: Left & Right

    3. ボックス: 4cbm - 8cbm

    4. カスタマイズされた: color, size, cab, ...

    5. Usage: transport of stones, mud, dirt, dregs, sand, ゴミ, ...

    • 仕様書

    中国 5 トンダンプトラック

    東風 5 トンダンプトラック工場/サプライヤー/メーカー…..

    Engineering Dump Truck, also we called mini dump truck, 5 トンダンプトラック, 5 トンダンパー, tipper truck, which can load the stones, mud, dirt, dregs, sand, ゴミ, … with the function of self unloading. Equipped with an open-box bed, which is hinged at the rear and equipped with hydraulic rams to lift the front, allowing the material in the bed to be deposited on the ground. We are the dumper factory /supplier/ manufacturercontact us with the deails and prices.

    東風 5 tons dump truck factory

    The Engine, this is the most important part you care about, not worry much about it here you can choose the engine power from 63 HP – 160 HP, which can fully satisfy your requirement, under these, the biggest loading weight can be 10 tond – 15 トン. Then you can see, we can do the customized truck for your exact need with different loading materials.

    中国 5 トンダンプトラック

    This is nearly the same but a little different model. The material of the box, we choose 4mm carbon steel plate for the dump box, here we mean side and buttom plate. If you have special need like more thicker plate, also we can.

    東風 6 トンダンプトラック

    Always we call it Engineering Dump Truck, cos it is with strong practical and good price.

    6 tons dump truck supplier

    This is the dumper with a simple cab for your choice. And also we can make the full whel drive dump truck for you, that is we oftenly said 4×4 wheels dumper , which with more powerful.

    5 tons dump truck factory

    All according to your exact requirement, plsは私達に自由に連絡します, then we will quote for you.

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    Eメール:sales@cl-spv.com Web: www.cl-spv.com

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