東風 10 cubic meters compactor garbage truck


whosales of Dongfeng compactor rear loader

東風 10 cubic meters compactor garbage truck for our domestic customer, which is from Sichaun Province, 中国. 合計 25 units of this garbage trucks, and this is the first batch of 12 単位. All these trucks passed the inspection and waiting for delivery.

whosales of Dongfeng compactor garbage trucks

We are the largest city sanitation garbage truck manufacturer from China, named Chengli Special Automobile Co.,Ltd, located in Suizhou city, the capital of China special trucks.

東風 10 cubic meters compactor garbage truck

この東風の主なパラメータ 10 cubic meters compactor garbage truck

シャーシ構成: カミンズ 180 HP Euro five engines (6 シリンダー), 6速ギアボックス, 9.00R20スチールタイヤ, 3950mmホイールベース, オリジナルエアコン付き, power windows, セントラルロッキング, ABS, half cab, 2018 new Chassis.

東風 10000 リットルのコンパクターのごみ収集車

Special configuration(Up Structure): Truck body volume 10.0 立方メートル, using machine, 電気, hydraulic linkage control system, long source multiple valve and gear oil pump, push plate type, floor bucket turnover mechanism, left and right sides with electric control operation, tail filler with sewage box. The overall dimensions of the vehicle: 7690×2500×3250mm.

Dongfeng compactor rear loader

Advatages of the control system of this Dongfeng compactor garbage truck.

Advanced electronic control system: Imported PLC (programmable logic controller) integrated control, control circuit generated in the PLC, and the use of logic to ensure that the operating instructions are executed in order, the only external line connection, reducing the incidence of failure

Convenient operation and control: The operation control box is installed in the cab and the rear of the vehicle respectively. The operation control box in the cab can control pushing and discharging, and the operation control box at the rear controls the operations of the pressure filling mechanism and the lifting mechanism.

High-quality imported components: The key components of electrical and hydraulic systems are imported components, といった: PLC programmable controllers, proximity switches, operation buttons, cylinder seals, 等, to improve the reliability of garbage trucks.

Dongfeng compactor rear loader supplier

We really hope we can be the supplier and cooperator here in China, and offer you the bset garbage trucks under more than 10 years exporting & international business experience.

Also we can supply other brands garbage trucks like, Foton compactor garbage truck, いすゞ compactor garbage truck, JAC compactor garbage truck, JMC compactor garbage truck, FAW compactor garbage truck, ハウ compactor garbage truck, …

For more about the truch chassis or the detailed super structure of this Dongfeng compactor garbage truck, plsはメールでお問い合わせください: sales@cl-spv.comまたはwechat / whatsapp: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com


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