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CLW 50 型番 50 メーターフォグキャノン
  • CLW 50 型番 50 メーターフォグキャノン
  • CLW 50 型番 50 メーターフォグキャノン
  • CLW 50 型番 50 メーターフォグキャノン
  • CLW 50 型番 50 メーターフォグキャノン

    1. 名前: Fog cannnon

    2. 型番: CLW-50

    3. Spraying distance: 50 メートル

    4. 作る: チェングリ

    5. 株式: はい

    • 仕様書

    CLW 50 型番 50 メーターフォグキャノン

    Cheng Li Dust professional truck factory

    2020-04-09 元の

    In addition to fog machine gun features:

    1.Fog cannon for static and dynamic sources of pollution, remote control to adjust the horizontal rotation angle of the spray, the use of safe, flexible and convenient, saving human resources.

    2.Mist gun tanks, pipes, pumps, motors are heated antifreeze design, the device does not occur during winter freeze and damage.Atomizing effect, spray evenly, low power consumption.

    3.Saving investment cost multi-functional dust suppression vehicles belonging to truck movable flexible, stand-alone equipment, optional generators, water tanks and other equipment, installation, easy to use and flexible, without putting in a lot of civil engineering and infrastructure expenses, regardless of geography yard location, work environment, or use of equipment changes are not required secondary investment.Coverage, remote control, and easy to use.

    4.May at any time truckry out sand and dust, dust truckried out the demolition site, both to avoid the non-employment of governance beyond the scope of the job, but also to avoid large-scale diffusion of dust.

    Equipment advantages:

    1, the configuration of high-quality water pump, a nozzle, a motor, stable, safe and reliable, long used in harsh environments, corrosion and rust resistance to water;

    2, spray speed, high range (far), good penetration and adhesion; large coverage area, small fog particles, upon contact with the dust float, to form a wet mist, dust can be quickly suppressed;

    3, according to customer requirements, configure trailers, 水タンク, diesel generators, all kinds of light truck truck, or to provide customers with configuration recommendations.


    CLW-50 50 メートル

    Patent No

    201 630 487 869.3

    Fan motor power


    Driven pump power


    Pump model

    Piston Pump


    4.0 (m3 / h)

    Vertical spraying angle range

    -10 ° – 45 °

    Spraying angle range around

    0 ° – 360 °

    Power Configuration

    380V 50Hz

    Noise level

    ca.70 dB (20mt)

    The number of nozzles

    Stainless steel nozzle 25

    Mist fineness

    10 に 150 (microns)

    Water filtration accuracy

    250/60 (メートル / mesh)

    Engine Group


    Remote control distance

    100 metres)

    Operating temperature

    0 °〜 55 °


    851 (KG) (containing Generator wt)

    L * W * H

    1100 × 780 × 1900 (んん)

    We can offer custom application


    CLW 50 型番 50 メーターフォグキャノン CLW 50 型番 50 メーターフォグキャノン CLW 50 型番 50 メーターフォグキャノン CLW 50 型番 50 メーターフォグキャノン


    Artillery fog, dust suppression vehicle spraying system may be remote squares, docks spraying dust, humidity conditioned air; can also mining, demolition site, coal field, steel mills and other dust, cooling.The products in coal, power generation, metallurgy, coal chemical, mining excavation, demolition and construction, highway and other industries have played a significant effect, especially for large-scale, base dust and dust control needs of mining or open-air storage.

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