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CLW 30 型番 30 メーターフォグキャノン
  • CLW 30 型番 30 メーターフォグキャノン
  • CLW 30 型番 30 メーターフォグキャノン
  • CLW 30 型番 30 メーターフォグキャノン
  • CLW 30 型番 30 メーターフォグキャノン
  • CLW 30 型番 30 メーターフォグキャノン

    1. 名前: フォグキャノン

    2. 型番: CLW-30

    3. Distance: 30 メートル

    4. Made: 程力グループ

    5. Year: 2020

    • 仕様書

    CLW 30 型番 30 メーターフォグキャノン


    2020-04-09 元の


    Fog machine gun works on the mobile machine gun uses the mist building site is used to convert a pressure water mist spray cap and ensure atomization nozzle angle significantly reduce water consumption and increase the probability of collision velocity improves dust dust and water droplets efficiency increases the moisture containing gas dust particles agglomerated with each other to achieve the object of the deposited volume increase of dust, reaches the air purifying effect varied by controllingbarrelhorizontal and vertical directions, the mist cover the entire width of the road.

    30-35 meters down environmental fog cannon CLW-30 Model sprayer


    CLW-30型番 30-35メートル

    Patent No

    201 630 487 869.3

    Fan motor power


    Driven pump power


    Pump Models

    Yan truckd (型番 70)

    Pump flow

    0.8─1 (m3 / h)

    Vertical spraying angle range

    -10 ° –45 °

    Spraying angle range around

    0 ° – 360 °


    380V 50Hz

    Noise level

    ca.65 dB(20mt)

    The number of nozzles

    Stainless steel nozzle12

    Mist fineness


    Water filtration accuracy


    Remote control distance


    Supporting units

    Gasoline 8KW(Optional supporting diesel generator sets)

    Operating temperature

    0 °~55 °


    280(KG) (Containing Generator wt)

    We can offer custom application


    L * W * H 1100 × 500 × 1700 (んん)


    1.Skill strong, long range, penetration, strong adhesion fog particles, covering a wide range can be achieved precision spray.

    2.High efficiency, high speed spraying; yard prone to dust when spray dust, mist discharged fine particles, upon contact with the dust float, to form a wet mist, dust suppression can quickly sink down , mist sedimentation rate up to 95%.

    3.Secondary atomization techniques, using a specific promoter from the wind turbine the wind direction changing means so as to form an angle with the direction of flow of the fog particles to promote the full atomization of water.

    4.When droplets ejected from the nozzle is further crushed in a high-speed high-pressure air spray, droplet and the speed is gradually increased, to improve the degree of atomization, the atomization can be achieved generally droplet diameter of about 50-150um.Auxiliary power flexible, both with three-phase mains 380V also can be equipped with diesel power generators.

    5.Supporting diesel power generators mounted on the transport vehicle, operational flexibility, safety and reliability, and remote manual control operations can be controlled as to adjust the horizontal spray angle of rotation.

    6.他の噴霧装置と比較してダスト水の消費量を節約できます 70% to 80% (the gun, スプリンクラー機関車), ほこりやミストのカバーエリアは、他のスプレー装置よりもはるかに広いです。.

    Sprayer Special Features:

    1.8KW with petrol (optional diesel) 発生器;

    2.Gun-Model blower 30 with the fog, silencer arms axial fan disposed in the trucktridge, the pressurized atomizing system (spray flow rate: 6-18L / 分, range: 30-35 m horizontal, 垂直 20-25 メートル);

    3.Electric control system, control of the level of micro-motor rotation;

    4.Remote control system, an automated system;

    5.Fog gun automatic steering means (rotation angle: 0-360 °);

    6.Hydraulic motors to control the pitch angle: -10 ° -55 °.

    Fog machine gun is a wet dust spray fan, are environmentally friendly machine is applicable to coal fields, mining, construction sites and other dust easily place can reduce dust in the air, to purify the air.The long-range high-performance turbine to the dust concentration at the mist, the mist and dust binding, adsorption, agglomeration, becomes heavy in its own gravity to sink down to the ground, so as to achieve an effective dust.This technique of high dust removal efficiency, especially for fine particle size of respirable dust, in addition to having the advantages of conventional wet scrubbers, the more important advantages are: water atomized particle size is particularly small, easy to combine with the dust particles and agglomerated settle, so the water is greatly reduced than the wet dust, only a thousandth of a conventional wet dust water, even smaller.

    CLW 30 型番 30 メーターフォグキャノン CLW 30 型番 30 メーターフォグキャノン CLW 30 型番 30 メーターフォグキャノン CLW 30 型番 30 メーターフォグキャノン CLW 30 型番 30 メーターフォグキャノン



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