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CLW mini electrical road sweeper
  • CLW electrical road sweeper truck
  • Chengli electrical road sweeper
  • China road sweeper truck
  • mini electrical road sweeper
  • China electrical road sweeper
  • 中国ミニ電気道路スイーパートラック
  • electrical road sweeper supplier & manufacturer
  • 中国ミニ電気道路スイーパートラック

    1. 型番: CLW5020SAOLU3

    2. 重量: 1850kg

    3. サイズ: 4900x1500x1960mm

    4. 水槽: 400L

    5. Garbage tank: 240L

    6. 中国ミニ電気道路スイーパートラック

    • 仕様書

    CLW mini electrical road sweeper

    中国ミニ電気道路スイーパートラック, this is the newly designed and produced mini road sweeper with full electricity power. Especially in countries that advocate green environmental protection and energy conservation today. Particularly suitable for community streets, 工場, office buildings, 等.

    mini electrical road sweeper

    Main technical items

    外形寸法 (長さ * 幅 * height) MM 4900*1500*1960mm
    Service weight KG 1850KG
    Power Source 72 (6 blocks)
    Battery Type 60v200A (Maintenance-free Dry Battery)
    Motor power W 5.5KW
    Turning radius M ≦ 5.6M
    Working speed KM/H 0-12KM/H
    Travel speed KM/H 0-35KM/H
    Gradeability ≦25%
    Clean width MM 2250MM
    Cleaning area (hours/square meter) 22500m2/H
    水タンク容量 (L) 400L
    Trash capacity 240L (standard trash)
    Continuous working hours H 6-8H (normal temperature, no air conditioning switched on)
    Barrier height MM 110MM
    Filter area (平方メートル) 10m2


    As one of the sanitation equipments, the electric sweeper is an automatic cleaning integrated machine that combines road dust collection, sweeping, water spraying and garbage transportation. It is a new type of high-efficiency cleaning equipment used in the outdoor environment. The electric sweeper is suitable for outdoor cleaning of parks, sanitation, cleaning companies, property management companies, plazas, 大学, 高速道路, and plazas.

    CLW electrical road sweeper truck

    1, electric operation, no noise, no emissions, improve corporate image;
    2, small size, flexible turn, easy to drive, メンテナンスが簡単, suitable for most artificial cleaning place to use;
    3, set sweeping, suction in one, no secondary pollution, no secondary dust;
    4, sweeping effect is good, as small as dust, 砂, as large as stones, broken bricks, 葉, cigarettes, swept away.
    5. The mechanized operation is not only efficient and effective, but the machine is completely clean and clean. It also avoids the dusty dust, difficult-to-sweep dust, and miss-sweeping phenomena that occur during manual cleaning.

    China road sweeper truck

    As more other details like the picture or related parameters of China mini electrical road sweeper truck, plsは直接お問い合わせください:郵便物: sales@cl-spv.comまたはwechat / whatsapp: 0086 18872992009 www.cl-spv.com



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